A Birthday Wish & Goal Updates

by - 3/01/2013

First of all, HAPPY MARCH! Woohoo! We're that much closer to spring! And now, for a birthday wish:
Don't worry, I posted this exact same picture last year. It's adorable, no?
Today is Ronald Weasley's birthday. Not Rupert Grint's -- Ron's. Yet I post a picture of Rupert Grint because the movies were so brilliantly casted that the actors and their characters are one and the same in my mind. :) Why do I always remember Ron's birthday and no one else's from HP? Couldn't tell ya, but it is what it is.  If you were to ask me who my favorite HP character was right now (it changes) I would say him. I love his humor, his awkward interactions with girls, and his awesome arch in the last book where he overcomes his fears and does wicked awesome things to help destroy Voldy. Happy Birthday, Mr. Weasley. 

In other news, here are my goal updates. I'm feeling embarrassed, especially about the first one, but that was the point of doing these updates, to keep me on track. So, here goes:

Umm... Failed at exercising and eating healthily. I blame it on getting sick the first little bit of the month... but really, I have no excuse. I don't give myself an F simply because I stuck to my "no eating after 9" rule pretty well. I still don't feel like my goals were too lofty, so I'm gonna try it for one more month. If it's not any better by April, I will adjust accordingly.

All I have to say is, I haven't missed a day of journaling for 2 months. BOOYAH. The other stuff was good too. :)


I need to be better about reading conference talks, but I haven't missed a day of scripture reading, or praying. PLUS, I haven't taken my phone to church, and I've been gaining so much more from it lately. Booyah.


 So... School is hard.  Did anyone know that? I'm working really hard, but I forget to write down due dates and I continue to be the queen of procrastination. However, I feel good about what I've done so far. I don't know if A's will happen, but I'm still feeling like I'm doing my best at this point, and that's what matters.

I don't know what it is about this time of year, but the whole in-between winter and spring thing always gets me down. Along with that, I've just been a grumpy-lame-pants about some things and I haven't been as social as I would like. However, I'm feeling much better now and happy. So, I suspect March will be mucho better. :)

Well, there ya have it, folks.

I'm sure these posts are annoying/uninteresting, but I told myself I was gonna do them, so I'm gonna stick to my guns. 

Happy Weekending!

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  1. i hate when i miss monumental birthdays like ron weasley's. oh my gosh, i love that boy. ron, not rupert. well rupert too, but mostly ron. hermione was smart to pick him. it really does blow my mind when i think about the cast members of those movies. MEANT TO BE!


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