So Long, Farewell!

by - 3/14/2013

My 2 cousins, my sister and I have always been inseparable best friends from the time we were little. I mean, look at us! I have been so blessed to grow up near my cousins and to have such good, strong relationships with them.

It's so crazy to think we're all grown up now. Sometimes I feel like we should still be playing imaginary games with our dolls. :)

Below is the last picture I took with my girls for the next 18 months. Annie and Alexis both left yesterday, and Lauren leaves in 2 weeks. I can't believe it! I'm so proud of all of them for following promptings and serving the Lord on missions. Man am I gonna miss them! And while I'm a wee bit jealous they all get to have this shared experience of being missionaries in Australia, I know Heavenly Father has another plan for me, and I'm not supposed to serve a mission at this point in my life. I'm so excited to hear about their adventures!

The last 5 days have been absolutely crazy. I'm so grateful I had Spring Break this week so I was able to be home with my sis for her last few days. Her talk on Sunday was incredible, and it was so cool to see all the friends and family that came to support her as she spoke, and then we ate waaaaay too much food at our house afterward. :) 

Tuesday was the hardest day, I think. It was my first time being to a missionary setting-apart, and I went to two in a row that night. First Annie's, and then my sister's. It was then that it really hit me they were leaving. It was like torture! The things that happened there probably shouldn't be shared here, but they were both really spiritual, powerful, and emotional experiences. One thing I will share is some advice my uncle gave to both my cousin and my sister: "Learn to look at the moon. When you're feeling homesick, you can look at it and remember that your family is looking at the same one." I loved that so much. I'll be doing that too and thinking of them often. Lauren, Lexie, and Annie are all amazing girls and I'm so grateful for their friendship and their examples.

I love my girls. See you in 18 months, loves! And now, a last little bit just about my sis:

Wednesday was such a blur. Sending Lex off at the MTC was so quick. It was like we blinked and she was gone! I thought I would cry a lot, but I surprised myself and didn't. I'm just so happy for her. I know there are times when I'll really miss her (like Christmas and her birthday and such) but I think (I hope) the time will fly by. My sister is so ready to kill it in Australia! I'm so proud of her. I've literally looked up to her for several years now (she's about 7 inches taller than me), but now I'm looking up to her in every other way. She's mature, spiritual, selfless, and an incredible person. I admire her so much for making this sacrifice to serve the Lord. It's an odd thing, sending off your younger, 19-year old sister on a mission, but I know she's doing what she needs to do. It's amazing to see how she has been prepared for this all her life leading up to now. She's going to be the best missionary. I can't wait to hear all about her amazing experiences!

See you in 18 months, sis! Love you!

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