It's Official.

by - 4/11/2013

I'm gonna be an EFY counselor again this summer! Woot woot! (now you're thinking, "Oh great. All those annoying EFY posts again." And you're right, ha!) I'm taking piano lessons in Logan this summer so I can't do too many weeks, but I'm beyond thrilled that I get to do 3 weeks as a counselor in Provo, and ONE IN NAUVOO AS A BC. WITH MY TRAVEL PAID FOR. BOOYAH!!! I cannot even handle my excitement! I applied for EFY in January, and then didn't hear a single thing until last weekend. I was pretty much resigned to not doing it, and looking forward to other things this summer. Soooo I was shocked and so happy when I got the contract emails. It's gonna be a great summer! In between EFY I'll be practicin my little fingers off getting ready for my recital in the fall, and workin at the good ol' library. They're so nice to me at that place, lettin me come and go as I please. I have the best life, people! Ah. It's gonna be great. 

In my mind it's already summer... And with finals, papers, group projects, my piano jury, and all sorts of other stresses on the horizon, it can't come fast enough! Hooray for EFY!

P.S. Sorry I'm still mostly continuing my silence on here. I do want to write about Conference, and I will soon... maybe. :) 

Happy Thursday!!!

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  1. CONGRATS! nauvoo!? paid for?!?! ohhh myyyyy!


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