Numbered Thoughts

by - 4/02/2013

1. I hate April Fools day. I'm so glad it's over. Plus, saying you're pregnant or engaged on April 1? So boring and unoriginal. I'm just not gonna believe it. I didn't believe anything anyone said yesterday.
2. I'm not gonna do a normal goal update this month, because it would basically say the same thing, though my healthiness would probably go back to a C instead of a D. So, woot. Basically I'm just proud of myself for writing in my journal every single day. I'm awesome.
3. Being able to talk to someone about anything without feeling embarrassed or worried about what they think. Yep, I like that.
4. Arranging music is a lot harder than you'd think. Some friends and I took on a project (their idea, I'm just helping) and we're all in waaaaay over our heads but we want it to work so badly. It might take us our whole lives, but we're determined.
5. My family is at Arches without me right now. Rude.
6. You know that whole "in college you can have sleep, good grades, and a social life... pick two" thing? Well, right now I'm apparently deciding I don't believe in sleep. Not my best idea.
7. I went to Taco Tuesday at Cafe Rio for the first time a couple weeks ago (I know, I know, I don't get out much) and I was pretty disappointed. I would much rather pay full price for a pork salad. The tacos were boring.
8. Happy April! Woohoo! Super excited for conference this weekend. I love this time of year.

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  1. i hate april fools day too. i was fooled into wishing someone a happy birthday, i should have known better.


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