by - 5/02/2013

Wow. I don't think I even have any words left in my brain.

I am done.

Done with this crazy, hectic, insane semester.
Done with the finals of week of doom. 
Done with my last piano jury, ever.
Done with my last music class, everrrrrr.

And while I can't join a lot of my friends and say I'm graduating, I can say I only have one more semester (probably two, just to finish ASL), and it will consist of 2 dumb/easy science classes (silly GenEds) and ASL. Woot.

I was literally skipping around when I walked out of my last final today. I studied SO HARD for that stupid thing and I TOTALLY ACED IT.

Such a good feeling.

Now, I'm sitting at work and I think my energy has been sufficiently zapped. I used it all with the skipping, earlier. My goodness gracious I'm exhausted. It's been a crazy past couple of months (in so many good ways, but also some stressful ones) and I have been so sleep deprived. Yikes.

I have been stretched and molded and changed in so many different ways this semester. My piano skills, and my confidence in them, have gone way up. So has my confidence in general. It's a great thing. I had a lot asked of me piano-wise this semester, and I think I rose to the challenge. I had a goal to get A's in my last two music classes. And let me tell you, I worked HARD. But I'm not sure I quite made it to those A's. College is crazy, yo. But I DO know that I did my absolute best. So, I'm happy with whatever I get.

I also had some awesome comments from my ASL teacher, who told me he thinks I'm "very skilled" and is excited to see me back in the fall. Made me feel pretty great. :)

Ah. I am so excited for this summer!!! I get to play with lots of fun friends in Logan, and I get to do EFY for 4 weeks! It's gonna be a party and a half.

Now, excuse me while I go take a nap for 4 days. Cause that's what I feel like I need. Holy death.

Happy Summer!!!!!!! Woohoo!

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