And This Is Why I Love Them

by - 8/19/2013

My hair. My dad's face. Grant's face. We're not very good at jumping pictures... it's fine. But we're us and I love us. :)
My mom texted me this last night, and it was just too hilarious not to share. Presenting, my family in a nutshell:

"Do you have any suggestions for our family musical number in September? I talked to everyone here before prayer, and they were not helpful. The 'Bishop' [my dad] suggested Thriller. Jared suggested a primary song, sung primary style (loud and off pitch). Breanna suggested singing scripture power and dressing Grant up as a scripture case and throwing him up in the air every time you sing 'scripture power!'. So as you can tell I didn't get a lot of help here. Seriously. Do you have any ideas?"

And I just died laughing. Personally, I think all those ideas are great, but probably not the best choices for sacrament meeting.

Also, missin my sister Lex hardcore right now. You should have seen me refreshing my email every 30 seconds yesterday waiting for her weekly email to me.

Ahh. These people are my best friends. I'm so blessed to have this crazy, wonderful, beautiful, hilarious family that I call mine. :)

Happy Monday!!

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  1. I laughed out loud at everything about that text. Ha. Still laughing. And I totally do the same thing waiting for Ann to write every Sunday night:)


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