Disco Throwback

by - 8/07/2013

Several years ago, I went through a period where I was completely obsessed with the King of Pop. Aside from his crazy live, his talents were insanely amazing. I grew up dancing around the house to the Thriller and Bad albums and have always loved them. But during this obsession I discovered that there's actually several other songs of his that I really like, including one of my absolute favorite songs ever, Blame it on the Boogie. :)

Also one of the best music videos ever. The hair! His shirt with the star on it! The dancing! Love.

I heard Bruno Mars' song, Treasure, on the radio the other day, and - like whoa. I was in love. The boogie beat totally reminded me of that song by dear MJ, and it just gave me disco fever! Haha. So, I looked it up on YouTube as soon as I got home. Sadly, for some dumb reason, the original has a swear word at the beginning, so I took the liberty of editing that out for your clean viewing pleasure. :) Second verse is where the video gets crazy, trust me.

Treasure (clean) from Ashley Benjamin on Vimeo.
Duuuuuude. I mean, I was reminded of MJ when I heard the song, but to me it was obvious Bruno is totally paying homage to the MJ with this. I mean, the red suits (LOVE)? The hair? The dancing? It screams MJ. Especially that second verse! Ah! They even made it bad quality on purpose. It was probably more of a general throwback than a specific MJ one, but I loved it just the same, as evidenced by my repeated watching. He's not quite as incredible as Michael, especially in the dancing department, but this music video just made me smile.

Also, as I was looking I found this live performance of them doing this song on The Voice. HOLY CRAP. I have so much more respect for artists who can sing live, and I just died over this. Love the band and the dancing and just... everything.

I've said it before - I was totally born in the wrong music era. I love this kind of stuff!
Okay, and with all that gushing, I will now stop.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. i am totally loving this blog post splurge. keep it comin'!


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