EFY 2013: BC, Round 2

by - 8/21/2013

At the beginning of the summer I planned to do 3 weeks of EFY as a counselor, and one as a BC in Nauvoo. As I was gearing up for a counselor week after coming off of being a BC, I was totally caught off guard when I got a call from the office the Friday before my week started. They told me they needed an extra BC, and I was actually thrilled to do it.  I had so much fun.

I know I had a lot to say about Nauvoo as a BC, but that's because Nauvoo is an amazing place and just so different.  Being a BC at a normal session in Provo, while fun, doesn't warrant much gushing. ;) I had a great week, though, and I couldn't go without at least mentioning some things. 

Some highlights from the week:

I was in charge of the musical program! I was so, so grateful I was able to do it as a counselor week 1 so I knew what I was doing this time (Heavenly Father was looking out for me). I had the most incredible group of youth to work with - there were almost 200 of them! And it was awesome. Aside from one kid who decided to be a diva and put scoops in his solo in "I Believe in Christ", even though I specifically told him not to (punk), it went really well and I was proud of my kiddos.

I also got to work with a really fun, hilarious team. None of them had been BCs before besides me, so we didn't really know what we were doing and that was kind of fun, honestly. I feel like we assumed our roles really well and had a good time. I probably shouldn't have favorites, but my favorite from the week was my co, Benji. He was absolutely hilarious, sweet, fun, and always doing things for me. He was just the true definition of a gentleman, and he had the greatest personality to boot.

Best Benji moment of the week: Benji, Mark (Health Counselor) and I were all sitting and talking one day. Mark said he wanted to be a doctor, and Benji said he did too! I asked them what kind of doctors they wanted to be. Mark talked about some options he liked - pediatrics, etc. I turned to Benji, and asked, "what kind of doctor do you want to be?"
His response - "Handsome, and nice, and funny..." 
Hahaha. I just love him.

We had some... fun times. :)

"Close your eyes and make a cute smiley face." said Benji
I also got a lot of practicing in during this week, which was much-needed. I was grateful for my extra time as a BC. The female coordinator, Maurie (aka the sweetest girl ever) graduated from BYU with a degree in piano and she showed me the practice rooms in the HFAC at BYU (ahem, in the dungeon). Sadly, they are awful! It made me really appreciate the nice pianos and air-conditioned practice rooms I enjoy at USU. Yes, I'm a snob. But you can't blame me for not enjoying sweltering heat when I'm playing the piano.

Another thing that was great about this week was the fact that BCs have a little extra money on their meal cards. They're really intended to be used when BCs miss a meal because they're doing BC duties. Lucky for me, I always had nice team members bring me food when I missed a meal for musical program or something, so I just spent my extra money on jambas. One a day, folks. Yum. :) I also tried my first cherry limeade from Sonic and let's just say... I'm addicted.

Even though there are a lot of stressful things that go into being a BC, I really enjoyed myself, and was grateful for the second opportunity. I really wanted to be a BC the whole summer, but wasn't able to commit to the typical 12 weeks, so I felt really blessed that I got to do it twice! That's a pretty rare thing in the program. I also have no idea what I'll be doing next summer, so I'm glad I got the chance to do it this year. The only bummer was that I grew to really love the BCs on this team and I only got to work with them for one week! A whole summer with them would have been amazing. We cracked jokes, spent a LOT of time in the van together, went to In-N-Out on Friday at 1AM (ha!), and so much more. It was truly a blast. 

And finally, the only other picture I have from that week:

Cloudy games night happiness.

I love EFY!

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