Happy Birthday, JKR

by - 7/31/2013

It's probably lame of me to break my blogging silence with a Harry Potter (ish) post... but I am me, so thus it is so. Did that sentence make sense? Nope. Annnnnyway. I have lots of thoughts in my head, but first things first: 


Okay, let's just talk about JKR for a second. I mean, really, she is completely brilliant. I am in awe of her ability to create such a magnificent tale that has so much imagination. I also love her use of detail, foreshadowing, and alliteration ("Snape spat", "Snape sneered". She loves to use them with Snape). She created a world that has been thrilling for me for so many years already, and I'm sure will continue to be for the rest of my life.

I marvel at not only her, but any author who has the patience to write an entire book, let alone many books. I dream of one day writing a book of my own, but these days whenever I try, all I get down is an idea before getting distracted and forgetting about it. 

That's the thing, though - I have all these ideas, but I have a hard time articulating them in an organized manner. I also feel like I can't ever expand the ideas. How do people expand ideas into books!? I guess part of my problem is that I want an entire book to just explode out of me in one sitting.  And while I have done that very thing with papers for school (some successful, others not so much), I realize a book takes much more work than that.  An author whom I adore, Sarah Dessen, often talks about her writing process: it takes her a year or more to write a book, and she works on it every single day. It doesn't just come out all at once.

I'm also constantly having ideas for blog posts. My lack of blogging hasn't had anything to do with a shortage of things to say. Something happens to me, or I have a funny thought, and I think, "I should write about that". But do I ever do it? Obviously not. The problem is, these ideas usually strike me when I'm unable to sit down and write them out. Also, as far as recording my life goes, I have been so faithful with my journal this year (haven't missed a single day since January 1!) that I feel less inclined to write it out again here.  I mean, I really do feel I owe whoever reads this blog a Nauvoo post, because it was one of the best weeks of my life and I should share it. I mean, why not? But after I spent nearly 3 hours (and 30+ pages) writing in my journal about my experiences, I find myself feeling like I've written enough on the subject.

Ah, I don't know. These are just some things I've been thinking about. I actually do feel I have some interesting stories to tell here, and I really do want to tell them. I don't want to do it for praise or recognition, but purely because I think writing is not only valuable, but cathartic and a good way for me to explore my feelings, thoughts, and ideas. So, I'm giving myself a new goal: write down my ideas somewhere as soon as they strike, even if it's just a one sentence reminder to try to expand them later. And who knows, maybe I'll blog more because of it! Like I always say - no promises, but we'll see how it goes.

P.S. This post isn't really about Harry Potter, is it? Oh well. :)

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  1. i CANNOT wait to show my future children HP someday. oh my gossshhhhh!


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