That Moment When...

by - 9/11/2013

♦That moment when this picture just makes my heart so happy I could almost cry. I think it's about time for another HP Pin post...

♦That moment when, speaking of Pinterest, I realize I should probably feel guilty for the obscene amount of time I've spent on that website the past few weeks. Can you say two long, boring classes right in a row?

♦That moment when I feel really cliche for how much I am longing for Fall weather right now. Stop me before I start saying, "I can't wait to pull out my boots and layers and sweaters... and I want HOT CHOCOLATE AND PUMPKIN EVERYTHING AND COLORFUL LEAVES!" cause, it's true. I want all those things. But it's also been said already by every blogger in the history of ever. Feelin pretty unoriginal.

♦That moment when I realize I might have made my new adorable, nervous-as-all-get-out piano student a little too comfortable by asking her questions at her first lesson. Once she got talking, she never stopped. Each time I started trying to teach her things, she would interrupt with these excited, hilarious, and confusing exclamations. My favorites:
"I saw a rainbow! Actually, two rainbows! And then I made a rainbow with the hose!"
"My sleeves are a trick!"
"I know about space! My uncle takes pictures!" After she told a really long, involved story about her picture-taking uncle, I was a little confused. So, I asked, "he takes pictures of space...?" And she says "NO! Cause it was his birthday." Right. That cleared that up.

♦That moment when I run past my house from last year, notice the front room looks different, and become one of those people - aka I knocked on the door and asked if I could look at the house. It was completely remodeled during the summer! Repainted. Recarpeted. TWO (two!) bathrooms and another bedroom were added. It looks really nice, but I'm kind of glad I lived there in its prime, old, quirky, one-bathroom glory. Worst part though? They got rid of the fireplace. That was its best feature, in my opinion. Sigh.

♦That moment when I'm finally ending my sheltered-child ways and going to my first ever concert (I know, I've lead a deprived life) tonight! Parachute! Salt Lake! Super pumped.

♦That moment when I realize I shouldn't end this post without mentioning something about it being 9/11. For only being 10 years old that day, I sure remember it vividly. It was such a devastating tragedy, but I'll always remember those who gave their lives to pull others from the rubble that day. God Bless America!

Happy Wednesday.

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