A Weekend in Southern Utah

by - 1/29/2014

Arby's pitstop on our way down
EFY Polos in January. What what? Also, apparently I missed the khakis memo. Oops.
Gorgeous, clear, INVERSION FREE blue skies in St. George. #nofilter Oh, it was heaven.
Amazing sunset. This photo does not do it justice.
Gorgeous Sunday morning on the ranch
Kjarinda's grandparents have the coolest toys! Like this old firetruck
and this awesome "horseless carriage". Not pictured: the biggest motor home I've EVER SEEN
Obligatory car photo. Who knows what's happening in the back...

When my dear friend Kjarinda begged me to come down to help her with EFY Express in St. George last weekend, I honestly didn't love the idea. The thought of making that looooong drive down on Friday, just to turn around and come right back on Sunday didn't seem quite worth it to me. But man, in hindsight, I am SO glad I let her twist my arm! She and I, along with our friends Dayton and Jason, loaded up in her car Friday right after LDV and had the most incredible weekend. I got to escape the negative temps in Logan for a whopping 60 degrees in St. George. I shed my many layers, didn't even use a jacket (!!!), and got some much-needed Vitamin D. Not to mention breathing clean air! Goodbye inversion! It was heaven. Plus, breaking out that EFY polo, being around the youth, and line-dancin to some PB&J is always a good time.

Kjarinda's adorable grandparents live on a breathtaking ranch in Enterprise (about 45 min. from St. George) and were kind enough to let us stay with them for free. They have incredible property and such fun toys! My brothers would have loved that firetruck. Kjarinda's sweet grandma also got up early both mornings to make us all toast, and cut up fruit to go along with our cereal. Her grandpa showed us his truly fantastic "man cave" (complete with 94" TV) and they seemed to enjoy our company as much as we enjoyed theirs.

It really was the best weekend.  It included crazy car dancing, girl talk, lots of candy, amazing views of the stars, the two best nights' sleeps I've ever had (so quiet!), inspired words from John Bytheway and Brad Wilcox, seeing a few of my old EFY girls, glaciers from Frostop, so much laughing and weirdness, new nickames, meeting new friends, a greater appreciation for my current friends (I've loved Kj long time, but now I also really love those two boys a lot), and really just a much-needed break. It also gave me just enough EFY to hold me over til the summer, because, drumroll....... I'm going to be an EFY coordinator!! Ever since I got the call a couple weeks ago, I have been itching for summer to arrive. I still don't know where I'm going (crossing my fingers for somewhere cool like Palmyra, Texas, or Nauvoo again!!), but no matter where I go, I know I'm so blessed to be able to be around the youth all summer long. I'm one lucky girl. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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