The Easy Mac Life

by - 1/27/2014

This is my go-to lunch these days - Easy Mac and a Reese's. Who woulda thunk that I would like this so much? But let me tell you, it's super yum. Plus, an added perk: it's good for the budget. Working at 8 am every day is a struggle for this girl who loves her sleep, so making a sandwich in the morning? Totally out of the question. I mean, I can't even get up in time to put my makeup on. So, I give my fellow Aggies the privilege of staring at me while I ever so gracefully apply mascara (ie, jabbing myself in the eye with the wand) on the bus. Trust me, Easy Mac is the way to go.

Life is good, kids. I want to get back into the swing of blogging, because I've missed it.  I have some fun pictures and stories to share from this past weekend, so maybe that'll be next on the radar? As I always say, no promises. But either way, thanks for reading this pointless post, and come back later this week (probably) for more. :)

Happy Monday!

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