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by - 7/24/2014

I had the opportunity to go to the MoTab concert last weekend, and it was absolutely incredible, as usual!! Honestly, I could write an entire post about the amazing music, the flawless Santino Fontana, or the awe-inspiring Richard Elliot on the organ, or even just about the way music makes me feel... but that's not what I'll write about today.

Today I'll write about my favorite part of the night. A part that happened before the music even began. Thousands of people were coming in to find their seats, there was a loud buzz of conversation throughout that massive room. Everyone was anxious for the music to start and you could almost feel the excitement.

But then, like a wave, the crowd began to stand up from their chairs, and suddenly there was not a sound uttered in the place: the prophet had just walked in the room.

I've lived in Utah my entire life, and have been very fortunate to have opportunities like this many times over. I always feel the spirit when in the presence of an apostle or prophet. However, this time I was taken aback by just how strongly I felt the spirit in that moment. I don't really know how to put the way I felt into words, I wish I could. But what I want to say is this:

I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. When he gives counsel for the entire church, I know it comes from God, and that they communicate with each other often. I know that he was prepared for this calling, and that he gives it his all, even in times when I'm sure it's difficult. He carries such a huge burden on his shoulders, but he always does it with a smile. What a man! I have such a huge amount of respect and love for him, but it's not because I worship him - it's because I know he worships God. I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have that he is a true and living prophet, and that God is guiding him in the best way to guide us here on the earth. What a blessing it is to know this, and to trust his counsel.

Hope you have a happy Pioneer Day! :)

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