by - 7/14/2014

Making: one of the many cake mixes we got for our wedding
Eating: chocolate chips
Drinking: lots and lots of water
Reading: Austenland (finally)
Wanting: a completely furnished/decorated apartment
Watching: Jim hang up some awesome pictures above our piano
Playing: my piano. all day long
Wasting: closet space. I really need to give some stuff away
Wishing: I hadn't been too chicken to talk to this pretty blogger when I saw her at IKEA
Enjoying: married life
Liking: getting paid every week
Excited: for my sister to come home. 8 WEEKS!
Loving: Jim. duh
Needing: more HP in my life. 'bout time to read those again
Smelling: "vanilla lace" in my candle warmer
Wearing: My new Captain America shirt
Following: home designer peoples
Noticing: how much music can heal people {aka me}
Anticipating: getting our wedding pics back
Knowing: the church is true
Thinking: about painting my piano
Bookmarking: conference talks
Opening: endless wedding gifts. they just keep coming {and we're not complaining}
Feeling: a bit out of place in my new family ward
Missing: all my Logan friends

(ps. Lydia, I totally stole this idea from you)

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4 comment{s}

  1. I'm reading Austenland right now, too! (finally)

  2. 'Bout time you two read Austenland!! And I love this "currently" thing. Totally doing it on my blog soon :)

  3. Wedding gifts are truly THE BEST. So many things. It made me realize how glorious a kitchen and cooking is when you have all the right stuff!

    Where are you living nowadays?

  4. Umm, PS, I'd love to see more pics of your apartment, okay??? :)


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