GPS Apps and Other Random Thoughts

by - 7/21/2014

This picture is old, and has nothing to do with this post. I just like it, mmk?
//I have decided there should be a GPS app for grocery stores. When I go to a store I'm not familiar with, it seems impossible to make a quick trip because that one thing I need is always in the most random spot that takes forever to find. An app with directions to help me find the canned tomatoes (or let's be honest, the hostess cupcakes) would be perfect. Who's with me?

//Speaking of GPS apps, Jim and I have been using Siri for directions a lot lately... and she has steered us wrong a few times. It's been kind of hilarious. Just wait til I tell you about what happened when we tried to get to DisneyWorld. Honeymoon post coming soon. ;)

//It's kind of sad to realize that you've lived 10 minutes from a place for most of your life, and you still don't know your way around it. Mr. St. George Husband keeps asking me if I know where this or that is in Salt Lake, and... I don't. You should've seen me get lost in The Avenues the other day. Yikes. 

//One place I can find without fail is IKEA. Sure, it's right off the freeway, so it's easy. But, people. IKEA and I made our first acquaintance about a month ago, and I'm addicted. Just browsing around that store for hours is my kind of Saturday. Jim and I have already made 2 trips, and there are many more in our future.

//My husband's name is Jim, and my boss' name is also Jim. Can you see the potential problems there? It makes for some confusion in conversation sometimes, but the thing that makes me the most nervous is that they're both in my phone. I have a small panic attack every time I text my husband. What if I accidentally sent something to the wrong one? It hasn't happened yet, but I fear for my future.

//I love my job. Have I mentioned that?? I actually don't even mind waking up for work on Mondays. And that's really sayin somethin.

Happy Monday!

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  1. So funny, I still have to use GPS for almost every place I go here because there are no land marks to be seen through the trees. Tricky. Also, maybe you should put husband Jim in your phone with a nickname instead so you never have to wonder if he's someone else. Kevin changed his to a nickname in mine when we were engaged and I've never bothered changing it, but I never wonder who it is. :)


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