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by - 7/02/2014

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Oh, this poor, neglected blog. I've been thinking of writing here for months, but just couldn't dig up the motivation. I'm always looking for good ways to give myself a little kick in the pants, and the simple answer here was to give the blog a spruce! A new design always makes me want to write again.

Aside from lack of motivation, let's not forget that whole lack of time thing. Finishing school, basically moving twice, and getting ready for a wedding is some seriously busy business. Good thing that's all over now, and I'm married to the man of my dreams. 

Hold that thought. I'm married? What?

You should have heard me on our honeymoon. Every other second I was saying "We're married. Are you sure we got married?!" It's true what they say, the whole day really is a blur when all is said and done. The constant planning and stressing ends and the day just flies by. Before you know it, it's already been 3 weeks.

3 weeks. Such a short time, really, and yet it already feels like a lifetime. And I mean that in the best possible way. I'm in awe at how wonderful it is to have this man by my side. Yes, the "honeymoon phase" is real, and I absolutely have stars in my eyes. But we have it good, and I'm so very happy we chose each other.

I can't wait to get back into blogging. I have so many ideas flitting around my head that are just begging to be written down. Come back and visit, cause I'll have a lot more to say around here real soon. 

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Can't believe it's been three weeks Ash. So happy for you and so jealous of your mad blog designing skillz. (cause really in situations like these a z is necessary) Cannot wait to see you in August, I will see you won't I?


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