Our First Apartment

by - 7/19/2014

When Jim found out at the end of April that he got a job in Salt Lake, we decided we needed to go apartment hunting immediately. We had already looked at some places in Logan and I hated all of them (thank goodness we didn't stay there!), so I wasn't too keen on looking again, thinking we wouldn't have much luck.

Unfortunately, I was right. We were definitely duped by false advertising many, many times. Any excitement I had about places we had researched always quickly died once we walked through their doors. The apartments we visited were nothing - and I mean NOTHING - like the pictures we had seen. Most websites professing "newly remodeled!" or "beautiful kitchens!" or "great neighborhood!" were anything but. And I don't even think I'm that picky; I loved the old houses I lived in in Logan. We just couldn't seem to find anything that would work for us, let alone something that was even clean.

After several trips down to Salt Lake with no results, we were about at the end of our rope. We were getting ready to head back to Logan one day, when we spotted a new complex from the freeway in Murray. Without really thinking much about it, we walked through, submitted an application and put down a deposit, probably out of relief that we'd finally found something that wasn't disgusting. I thought our search was finally over, and was so excited to tell everyone about our place that was just too good to be true. 

Sadly, I found it it was.

After applying, I couldn't shake this little nagging feeling that I should do some research online before we signed a lease. The feeling could have come because I was second guessing our split-second decision, but I really think it was inspiration. After one Google search, I found hundreds of horrible reviews about the complex... and I even found a hate blog for it. A hate blog!

There may have been some tears at this point.

Really, we'd just been duped - again - and I was so frustrated. We decided it wasn't right. We lost a few dollars on the application fee, but we were able to get our deposit back... and feel the weight of beginning our search again. Honestly, I was so disheartened by this point, I just thought we'd have to settle for a crap shack that hopefully wasn't surrounded by creepy creepitons. 

But don't worry! This story has a happy ending. :) 

As a last resort (though we really should have done this first!), I asked my mom if she had any suggestions. She offered to look around for us, since she knew Jim and I were running low on time. And what do you know, within one day of looking around she had found 4 AMAZING options for us to check out. Moms are magical, amiright?

We went to the first one on her list, and we loved it so much we decided we didn't care about seeing the others. The neighborhood was nice, the apartments were new (which meant clean!) and we were ready to sign. This time, it just felt right, though. And I seriously could not be happier with our place!!! We live in a great complex in North Salt Lake. We're on the third floor, so we have vaulted ceilings and no neighbors above us which is awesomeeeee! We love our ward (ahem, Riley Nelson may or may not be in it), and there are some great people surrounding us. We are so lucky, and so thrilled. Plus, being in an area that I'm somewhat familiar with is a huge plus for me. 

We both have pretty stable jobs right now, so I don't plan on moving out of this apartment anytime soon. Apartment hunting is hard, yo. 

And now, after that long-winded story, here are a few pictures of our cute place. Some of these have already been posted on instagram, so sorry for the duplicates, but this is all I feel like showing off right now! I'll post more when it's all decorated and we have some more furniture, since I'm sure you don't really want to see a bunch of empty walls and floors. :)

Our kitchen! I looooooove it.

My momma took me to get these decorations for my birthday. Well, the left side. Jim helped decide what else to put up, and I think it turned out quite nicely. :)
WE BOUGHT A TABLE! Woohoo! Jim's parents' wedding gift to us was money for a table. We love it.

Once upon a time, a cute lady from Salt Lake gave us her piano for free. I couldn't love it more.

And then we hung colorful things above it, because we're cool like that. 
More to come later!  Happy Saturday!

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  1. Ah, I didn't realize you'd posted this, it's looking good. We basically didn't have anything and much less anything we actually liked for the first year at least. It took us a while to realize that we didn't have to use wedding decor gifts just because we had them if they weren't our style or even to figure out what "our style" really was, still figuring that out. So kudos to you for already figuring it out. And congrats on the table, we used a card table until Spanish Fork, so the first two years. :/ Rad gift from Jim's parents for sure.


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