We Love Sundays

by - 7/27/2014

Snapped this photo on Saturday. Love this temple!

Just stoppin' by real quick to tell you how much we love Sundays around here. We have church at 8:30, and when I first found that out I thought I was going to die. However, I'm pleasantly surprised by how perfect it has turned out to be! Getting up early and starting the day with church is wonderful, and then being completely done at 11:30 and having the rest of the day? We love it. We relax, write our missionary siblings, watch movies, take naps, cook a yummy dinner (today we tried a new Shepherd's Pie recipe and it. was. amazing.) and just enjoy each others' company. Pure bliss, I tell you. It's almost like we get a little extra bit of weekend.

And that man of mine? He is the cutest. I have some fun things up my sleeve to prove that very thing to you over the next few weeks. Stay tuned... :)

And have a Happy Sunday!

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