First Day of School!! Oh, Wait...

by - 8/26/2014

A school picture of me in... kindergarten? I think? Cause... #cute

Yesterday was the first day of school, and I could almost feel the excitement in the air. My youngest brother is starting junior high, my sister is starting high school, and my other brother is starting his senior year as SBO president. I'm so excited for them, as these changes are fun ones and those years hold many of my favorite memories. But then, yesterday, on my way to work, I drove past a group of nervous-looking elementary school kids who were waiting for the bus, and I suddenly found myself feeling really sad.

I'm sad I'm not going back to school! For me, life is just going along as usual. While I absolutely love my new married life, and also feel incredibly lucky that Jim and I are both done with school, I'm just feeling a bit of a loss because...

Gone are the days of new notebooks, pencils, pens,
New backpacks, new outfits, new classes, new teachers...
That renewed desire to "get all A's this semester or else!"...

It's just weird to not have all that anymore.

After my last semester of college, I never thought I would miss school. Especially when I left Logan in May, I thought I would never look back. But now, there's just a part of me that's feeling empty.. Who am I? 

I'm the girl who made extra homework for herself in the summer cause she was bored... that's who. :) School  and learning is just a part of me, I guess.

If school didn't cost so darn much money, I would probably enroll in some random classes right now, just for fun. Call me crazy, but it's true!

So, to all my friends who are starting a new year, make the most of it! The first few weeks (before the tests, projects, and papers start piling up) are always the best. And you just might miss it when it's over.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I totally miss being in school. If it didn't cost a butt load and a burden on my kids, I would go back in a second! I would go to Ultrasound school and then get a masters in Radiology. But… for now, I'm happy to just be Mom. :) (And I was happy to just work full time and save moolah when I was where you're at….but still missed school a little bit.)

  2. p.s. I bet you didn't record yourself asking the study questions for a history test in middle school and then answer the recording back.

  3. Just wait until you have kids and they start going to school, it's the best! You get to buy all of the school supplies again and all of the excited/nervous jitters come back. Having kids is like being about to re experience the best (and sometimes the worst) parts of childhood.


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