Love Story, Part 4: In Which Ashley Gets Bold

by - 8/12/2014

In case you missed it, read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

And now, back to Jim for one of my favorite parts of our story... :)


While I was out home teaching I got a text message. I pulled out my phone and saw Ashley's name as the sender and my heart started pounding. Why? Because I thought she might say something like “Hey, I know you’re a great guy, but it just won’t work for such and such a reason…” I made it through the rest of the lesson and even the long walk back to my apartment. When I got home I pulled out my phone and looked at the text and what it said was much to my amazement... 

"Hey! I was bummed you left early, I wanted to talk to you... I'm just gonna be bold and say I think you're really cute, and I also think we should get to know each other. That's all. ;)"

I was so fantastically excited that I had to go tell my roomies. They were so amazed at the boldness of this girl with whom I had only spent maybe a couple hours with total. I liked her guts. She beat me to the punch. This was golden for me. I texted her back and said I felt the same way and asked if she would care to go on a date sometime. Of course she said yes and I called her up that very minute and we planned it out. 

Ashley here for half a sec with the proof! :) 
From that point on it was just so easy to go out and do things with her. It was like we were old friends getting to know each other again. The more we spent time together, the more I looked forward to our next meeting. My thoughts of her consumed my days and I am sure my grade point average took a little dive and my best buds and roommates felt a bit neglected. But something came into my life that I had not yet experienced and it is the best thing that ever has. 

After that we got to know each other in wonderful ways and I enjoyed her personality and the way she made me feel. I felt like I mattered to her and I wanted to make her feel appreciated and special, because she was and is. Spending everyday with her didn’t feel like enough sometimes. I felt like we could spend hours on the phone, which we did quite often. We both giggled at our first kiss. I didn’t know what I was doing and she was like “What are you waiting for???” I actually didn't hold her hand for the first time until after I had kissed her. It was during the movie Frozen. I was a timid little shy guy I guess… I held my hand down by hers and slowly we touched each other's hands and finally interlocked our fingers and looked over at each other with big smiles on our faces.

Yeah, we were kind of cheesy. But we came to love that about each other. We could be cutesy in our talk and we didn’t care. We didn’t have any games between us because we liked each other and we both made it known. We had no reason to not show affection for each other.

We started talking about the “M” word not too long after our first kiss… 


Isn't the way he is writing this just the greatest thing ever? Bah, I love him. Also, are you proud of me or what?! I was going to put my side of this part of the story down here because I really think it's interesting and all that, but as I started typing it out it got to be really long. So, it's going to be its own post! I'll also talk about our first date, and maybe a little more detail about our first kiss, which is kind of a funny story... so stay tuned for that! I'll probably post it later today, or early tomorrow.

Are you sick of this yet? Cause I am loving it. ;) 

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  1. This is ridiculously adorable!! Love that your husband will write about this, and love that y'all have your early relationship texts, too cute.

  2. Yay! Favorite part! You guys are so cute!
    Can't wait for the next!


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