Love Story, Part 4A: Ashley's Side

by - 8/13/2014

To remove any confusion, this is Ashley here for a minute, not Jim. Below is my side of this part of the story. 
Be sure to read Jim's side of Part 4 before you read on!

Thought I'd put in a picture of me and my roomies here because A. I love them. and B. They were pretty instrumental in this process. They listened to all  my scheming and planning, and helped me get the courage to go through with it. ;)
As most girls do, I'd had crushes on many different guys up to this point in my life that had never panned out. I would think they felt the same way about me, try to figure out their signals, and do my best to flirt and show I was interested without seeming too forward. After what seemed like forever, along with painstaking effort, there would be a spark of hope... and then nothing would happen. This frustrated me to no end, especially when it continued to happen time after time. I recall telling my roommates that I was sick of the games, and just didn't want to play them anymore. Jim was sending me signals and I had to know what it was all about! I wasn't going to sit around and wait while we sent each other more cryptic messages, or made flirty eyes at each other across a room. I was going to do something about it, and I had nothing to lose.

So, after our little back and forth at church earlier that day, I decided I was going to make the ultimate first move and talk to him in person after choir practice that night. I didn't want to ask him out myself, but I needed him to know that I very much wanted him to do the asking, so get on it, dude! I had it all planned out in my head, and I had crazy, heart-pounding butterflies the entire time I sat at that piano. It seemed to all be working out perfectly when he ended up having to stay after, and I was just about to muster up the courage to talk to him... when he ran out the door! Agh! I was devastated.

I got home and told my dear roommates my frustration. And while I can't remember if my roommate Heather had the idea or I did, I do know that it was decided that I would text him. She and I then sat at that table for a loooooong time making sure the wording in that text message was just right. You know, important things. As soon as I had it written out, though, I started to chicken out. I can't do this! I thought. I NEVER do things like this (and it's true, that was the one and only time I did something like this in my life). I stared at that written out text message, with my finger hovering over the send button for probably 10 minutes, unsure if I could really do it. Finally, Heather said, "If you don't push send, I will!" Thank you, dear Heather, for giving me the push I needed. :) I finally did send that message, but then came the wait for his response.

Oh, the wait. It was agonizing. 

When that text finally came after what seemed like forever, (though in reality it was probably only like 15 minutes), his response couldn't have been more perfect! While I did lament for half a second that he'd asked me out over a text, I decided I didn't care and responded with "I'd love to!" or something like that. He redeemed himself for the text with a call immediately after my response, and I probably screamed. I answered the call, and he and I both fumbled through it awkwardly, likely because of our mutual excitement and giddiness. But the date was planned, and I couldn't have been more excited.


After writing it all out to my satisfaction, this next part really needs to be its own post in order to do justice to our first date, our first kiss, and some other fun things. So, come back for one more post from me, and then we'll get back to Jim, I swear. ;)

Have a happy, happy Wednesday!

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