Love Story, Part 4B: Our First Date and Other Stories

by - 8/18/2014

Hey friends! Still Ashley here with some fun stories about when we first started dating. :)
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Plus, an engagement picture just because. :)
For our first date, we went to dinner, and then we went bowling. And guys, I hate bowling... It's largely because of my carpal tunnel though. It just really makes my wrist hurt to hurl a heavy ball at those pins, but of course I couldn't tell him that on the first date! The plan was actually to go "skittle bowling", but he forgot the skittles. So we just took turns telling each other how to bowl. Believe it or not, my best shot was a backwards granny... and I'm pretty sure the rest were gutter balls. ;) Haha. When I did tell him later on about my dislike of bowling, he felt pretty bad about it, but it's just something we laugh about now. Most of the date is a blur to me now, though I know I told him possibly one of my most embarrassing stories while we were sitting in the bowling alley. Yikes. Good thing we already knew we liked each other. :) 

My favorite memory of that night, though, is when he brought me back home. He pulled into the driveway, and we talked for a little bit in his car. The doorstep to my basement apartment was pretty darn creepy, so we said our goodbyes in the driveway. After the customary hug, I was planning to just head back inside, but that was when he grabbed my arm, looked into my eyes, and said, "You're really cute." And, you know, I really don't know how to explain the absolutely genuine way in which he said that. While it may seem like the simplest of compliments, it was one of the greatest ones I had ever received because I knew he meant it in the sweetest, purest way.

And our first kiss... All I really remember is that we were sitting on my couch, and I was dying for him to do it. Yes, I had made the "first move" in a sense, but really all I was doing with that text was inviting him to make the first move. So I wasn't about to kiss him first! I'm all for the old-fashioned rules of dating. He was pretty nervous and fidgety, but finally, he leans in real close to my face and says "Can I kiss you?" and I said something along the lines of "duh!" and he did it. And (due to nervousness, I'm sure) it was the shortest lil peck there ever was... but I loved it. I guess there isn't as much to that story as I thought, but it was delightful.

I've also had a request to talk about our Christmas time phone calls. This really could be a separate post all on its own, but I'll try to condense it since this is already long. In all honesty, this part of our courtship was probably the most magical. Jim was planning to work over Christmas break and so was I, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for us to spend more time together free from the stresses of school. However, at the end of the semester, Jim's brother got really sick (he's just fine now, don't worry) and he felt that he needed to go to St. George to be with his family. Of course I was sad, but knew that's where he should be, too. So what did we do? We spent the entirety of Christmas break on the phone with each other. At least it seemed that way... we talked for a couple of hours each night. And maybe it was so magical because each time we talked I turned off the lights and plugged in my Christmas lights, but I think it was because we knew we had something special. We talked about our hopes and dreams, spiritual things, funny experiences, and whatever we wanted. We just could never seem to get off the phone! I loved every single second, and I know he did too.

And then, even though we were still in the very beginning stages of our relationship, he did something big to show he cared. I was at my parents house on New Years Eve, and he had returned to Logan for work. I was planning to go up there to spend the evening with him, but then got pretty sick. Like, laying-on-the-couch-in-agony sick. I told him my sad situation, and that I wouldn't be able to drive up there. Rather than just being sad, HE came down and spent the evening with sick little me, which I know was something that made him pretty nervous. I mean, hanging out at the family's house is always a scary thing at first. I looked terrible for sure, but we watched a movie, he stayed the night (in my brother's room of course) and it was one of the most low-key NYE's I've ever had. Ah, it was pretty darn perfect. The fact that he would come down and do something that made him nervous, especially when we were just starting out, meant the world to me.

Stay tuned for Jim to come back and tell the next part of our story... Yes, there's more! :) He'll be talkin ring shopping and proposing and all that good stuff. It'll be good. 

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  1. Glad to hear I won't be the only gutter baller when the family goes bowling. 😄 They're all ridiculously good and I am a wretched bowler.


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