Love Story, Part 7: Moving Up the Date

by - 8/28/2014

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Also, some of my favorite engagement photos, taken by Mariko Kay Photography. :)

The weeks and months after we got engaged, we realized that waiting until the end of summer would be hard. It was late March when we got engaged and that left only a few months until summer would begin for us. We would both be finishing school and I needed to find a place to live, and fast. I was attempting to find a real job but nothing had turned up. I was trying hard to get something that would support us both, but it looked like I would have to stay in Logan and work full time at the Interstate Battery store that I had enjoyed working at so much, but felt like I needed to move to something bigger and better.

We came to the conclusion that Ashley should not go work for EFY. She decided that it wouldn’t make any sense to wait that long, and felt that it wasn't right, even though it would mean her sister wouldn't be there. I didn’t like the idea of waiting till then either and I was happy when we decided to move the wedding day up. This kind of freaked me out, too, since I still hadn’t found a good after-graduation job and we needed to find a small apartment in a college town that we could afford on our little income. But then I was blessed to be given a job in Salt Lake City. This just meant we needed to turn our attention to looking for a place to live in Salt Lake.

We made several trips to Salt Lake to find a place we could afford but that we also really fell in love with. It took several trips as well as some help from Ashley’s Mother to give us help in looking for places. We found an apartment that we really liked and we went ahead and applied for it. It felt great at first, but when we found some horrible reviews about it and we didn’t feel good about it, we turned it down. This left us with only about a month left till I graduated and started my new job. Fortunately, we found a brand new apartment in a cozy side of town that we really liked. It worked out and we applied for it and we were given the apartment. 

All that was left was planning for the wedding and getting the details all set. (Un)fortunately, I wasn’t able to get into all the details of planning the wedding. There was a lot to do and with my new job and finishing school, I just had so many things I wished I could contribute to the wedding planning but it was the right thing for me to let Ashley figure most of it out. I did enjoy trying on suits that were way out of my budget, and the one I ended up getting was great. Now all that was left was waiting for the big day. 


So, you may have caught that I got a job at EFY. Had Jim and I waited to get married until September, I would have spent my summer as an EFY coordinator, traveling all over and supervising entire sessions of hundreds of youth. I thought of it as my dream job, and couldn't wait to do it. When I was offered the job, I felt inspired to take it, and was so excited. However, plans change! After Jim and I got engaged, it just started to feel like waiting just wasn't the right thing. If Jim and I were supposed to get married, why wouldn't we seal the deal as soon as possible? Plus, I was having a really hard time wrapping my head around spending an entire summer away from him. 

So, while it was difficult to choose a wedding date where my best friend and sister, Alexis, would not be able to attend, Jim and I knew it was the right choice for us. And I know that my sister and I were both blessed to have peace with the situation, and her mission president has been more than accommodating in letting her watch our wedding video and look at all our pictures. She was even the main reason I picked the colors I did! She saw a wedding set up of mint, yellow, and gray in a shop window and told me about it. I had already been considering those colors, but when she told me about that I knew that's what it would be! She was a big part of our wedding, even thousands of miles away. Ah, I can't wait to see her in a few weeks. 

One final post from Jimbo coming up with a few thoughts on our wedding day. :)

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  1. Wow, if you guys had waited for the original date, you would STILL be waiting to get married! I can't imagine waiting that long. Crazy!


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