Oh Hey, Friday! || Five of My Favorite TV Shows

by - 8/08/2014

This is my "TV Show" drawer. :)
Guys, I love me some good TV. And today, for my Friday Five, I'm talkin about five shows that I will never get tired of.... Check it out!

Also, #90schildalert :)

1. Saved by the Bell

You're probably thinking, "this one? Really?" and my answer is aboslutely yes. :) This show is completely ridiculous, strange, and does the most random, nonsensical things plot-wise (like that one where they are all pop stars for a day, or when they go to Vegas and get kidnapped by creepy gang people) but I can't help but love it. From Zack and Kelly's perfect relationship, to all the drama that goes down between Slater and Jessie, to Screech's weird antics and Lisa's obsession with clothes... it's just one of those you watch when you want a good laugh. And they hit some pretty legit issues - who can forget Jessie's drug episode? Just teachin teens how to be good people! Plus, their clothes. I mean... the greatest.

2. Full House

This is another one of those ridiculous ones, but in a different way. We all know it got out of hand when Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky moved in the house after they got married... But who couldn't love this show? The adorable kids, the life lessons, the cheesy "conflict resolving" music at the end of every episode, and the many guest appearances by the beach boys... it's just perfect. It's one of those feel-good shows about a not-so-normal family, and the trouble they get into (and out of quite cleanly in each episode) is hilarious and perfectly cute. Plus, can we talk about how amazing Candace Cameron (Bure) is these days? A lot of child actors go south as they get older, but she is taking a different route. A devout Christian, Candace is telling others about her faith everyday, talking about how she keeps her marriage strong, and how important family is to her. She also refuses to do any work on movies or TV that goes against her values. What an amazing role model! It has nothing to do with the show, really, but just thought I'd mention it. :)

3. Boy Meets World

Speaking of life lessons, what better expert than Mr. Feeny? This show has always been one of my favorites, with Cory & Topanga as probably one of my top favorite couples. The Shawn and Cory bromance is not something to forget about, and Eric's craaaaaaaaziness is probably one of my most favorite things about the show. They do ridiculous things, too, sure. But at the end of the day Boy really does "Meet World" and he learns a whole lot about it in the process. This show makes me laugh, it makes me cry... it really does it all. It's truly one of the best. And let's not talk about this whole Girl Meets World spin-off thing... cause I'm still not sure how I feel about it yet. Haha.

4. Psych

And speaking of bromance... Shawn and Gus!!! Ah, another favorite of mine. This show is totally different from the first three. Yes, it's funny, but I find it funny in a smart way, rather than a slapstick/cheesy way. It makes me think, as I'm trying to figure out the case before Shawn does in each episode. Also, I just think Lassie and Jules are perfect characters. Lassie's hard-nose personality makes for some hilarious episodes, and Jules is the embodiment of girl power. This show keeps me on my toes, and even after you've seen an episode a million times, it's still fun to watch. And they have the best guest stars! Wesley and Prince Humperdink? Amazing. I love this show because it's funny, fast-paced, and they do a lot of weeeeeeird things. But really in the best way.

5. Gilmore Girls

Last, but not least, Gilmore Girls. Oh, this show. It's just one of the best! It's maybe a little less funny than the others (but I can't only like funny shows, right?), but it still has its hilarious moments - I mean, let's just talk about Kirk. But really, it's another one of those feel-good shows where you're just rooting for everyone (ahem, Lorelai and Luke) to succeed. Plus, Lorelai. From her perfect wit to her perfect clothes, she's probably one of my favorite characters ever. Even though Rory is a little off her game sometimes, and (spoiler alert) WHY DOESN'T SHE CHOOSE LOGAN DANGGIT. This show is one of those that I'll never stop loving.

Well, there you have it, folks. Happy Friday!

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  1. I found you on the link up from September Farm :) I'm completely agree on #1-#3. I've never watched Psych or Gilmore Girls. I might have to check them out! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Stop! We are so alike. I have all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls and have probably watched all of them 7 times (or more). They're like a second family to me. (Not sure if that's a good thing lol)

  3. Marissa, I don't know if you see if I respond to your comment, but I'm so glad you said that! I knew I liked you. ;) Sometimes people think I'm a weirdo when I talk about my obsession with Gilmore Girls... but it's a real thing, and it's the best.

  4. I loooove GG!! I'm all about Lorelei, too (even though she's a hot mess some of the time). I crack up when I rematch them years later, taking things in a totally different context since things have changed (like Rory covering a story on Obama, that random Senator who might run for President).


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