Our Love Story, Part 2: The Party

by - 8/04/2014

In case you missed it, here's part 1
Read on to get the next part of our story, from Jim's point of view!


I still went on a blind date here or there and hung out with friends, as is the term every adult throws out at you for why you aren’t in a relationship (“stop hanging out and go on more dates”). I guess thats why I had resorted to going on so many blind dates. Finally I wanted to invite Ashley to one of our apartment get togethers. My birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something fun for it.

Ashley found out by way of Facebook that it was my birthday and sent me a text message that said "Hey, a little bird (aka facebook) said it was your birthday, so I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!” I was excited and I felt like I should invite her to my birthday party with the gang that night. Unfortunately, to the dismay of the birthday boy, she was not going to be able to make it to my party. I wasn’t about to give up though.

The next day, Saturday, November 16, 2013, I went to the Logan Temple to get some guidance on where my next move should be. I felt a little tense because I was nervous that something wouldn’t happen with Ashley, in the same way that all of my other pursuits of girls had ended up to this point of my life. I needed a plan and I wanted God to give me some direction. After I went to the Temple, I received the impression that I should have another get together that night and invite Ashley to come. Sure, I would invite other girls and other guys to come, but specifically, I was going to invite Ashley to come. I wanted Ashley to come.

But I had just had a birthday party the night before! How many of those people would want to come to another party thing at our apartment? Well, a lot of people apparently. I sent out a mass text to all sorts of people. Hot chocolate and games at Maple View Apartment 5. There never was a more important party than this. But Ashley never responded to my text to let me know if she was going to come or not… I was nervous…

Had I rushed into like I had done in the past? Was I being too aggressive at this? These are real thoughts of many like minded young people these days. I was afraid I would have to wait the customary week or so before attempting again. Awkward is the universal term of negativity in Young Single Adult land. But I was so happy when she turned up at our front door, about thirty minutes after we started the party (the most heart wrenching thirty minutes of my life…) But she had come, and she had come on her own, by herself, in her cute green coat and little brown boots. She looked very, very, very, (did I say very?), VERY attractive to me and I was determined to make sure she sat by me and I focused on being with her and making her feel welcome and comfortable. 

That night she stayed until the last few late-dwellers were heading out the door. It was a fun night together and we hit it off quite well I’d say. I wanted to play it cool (ya know, the “I just had tons of people over to my house and we are the talk of the town in this apartment and why wouldn’t anyone want a piece of this” kind of cool…). I think it worked and she obviously saw that in me in every way possible, if not more. 

So then I knew I was going to ask her out. I just wanted to give it some time to ruminate in our hearts and minds and souls…


Yes, these parts are pretty short, but I'm stopping at the best places to give my side of the story. Jim and I did know each other a little bit, but not too well before the party. I don't know what came over me to text him "Happy Birthday" that day, but I just wanted to see what would happen. I was shocked and so excited when he invited me to his birthday party, but I had already promised my roommate I'd go to something with her. She was going through a rough time so it was kind of one of those moral-support things... and I just couldn't back out. Imagine my surprise when he had another party the next day! I was really excited to have been invited, but I already had a date lined up for that night... awkward. Because I didn't know whether or not I'd be able to go, I just didn't respond. However, that night I prayed SO hard that I would be home in time for the party. And what do you know, the party started at 8, and my date dropped me off at my door at 7:59. You can't tell me that's a coincidence.

But then, I got scared. I was planning on bringing my roommates with me, but they were gone when I got home. So, for about 30 minutes (those "heart-wrenching" minutes Jim mentioned above), I laid on my bed like a chicken, not wanting to go by myself. Finally, with a little push from my mom, I got up and went... and I'm so glad I did! There was an open spot next to him on the couch, and I promptly plopped down and stayed there the rest of the night.

The best part about Jim writing this is finding out all these things I didn't know! I truly thought he was just a fun, social guy who threw a lot of parties (which he is), but I had no idea that he planned that second party just for me. 

You think I was a little bold with that "Happy Birthday" text? Just wait til you read part 3.... :)

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  1. Did you ask him out first?! You're killing me. Just post the whole dang thing! :) A date that ended at 7:59 was obviously a dud. Glad you went to the party! (Sorry I'm a freak and comment on like every post haha)

  2. These are so much fun to read! More, more!


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