Our Love Story, Part 3: Sending Signals

by - 8/06/2014

Jim and his best buds/roommates. The bromance between these guys is kind of the greatest.
And now, back to Jim...


We had a wonderful time together with friends and good company, now I wanted to go for the date. The next day at church she came and sat by me in Sunday School. This little thing called Sunday School, in a YSA ward, is a fertile ground for the young single adults to sow seeds of interest and friendship, especially among those of the opposite gender. And she came and sat next to me (she was lucky, cause if she had waited too long there would have been plenty of other people in those seats next to me… Like I said, I play it cool.) Anyway, I saw it as a sign, which is what everyone in that sunday school class saw it as too. (No-one was sayin’ it, but they were all thinkin’ it.)

At the end of church we had a linger longer with food and I don’t believe that was a coincidence. I wouldn’t doubt it if at every linger longer there is some magic taking place in some distant corner. Prime real estate resides at every inch of those round tables. I found a spot and marked my territory, as is custom among alpha males and any young man at this stage of life. Stake your claim and then see who rounds up their wagon in your wagon train. This is an unspoken ritual that takes place in every YSA ward setting. If you’re not familiar with it, then just believe me when I say it is a battle of wits and foresight to your social life’s tenacity to be confident in finding out who is friend and who is acquaintance. But, I don’t claim to know all those things.

What happened was I made a claim, saw an opportunity to seek better hunting ground, and I told my buddies we should go sit by Ashley and her roomies. I really said “Hey, guys, lets go sit by those girls.” And that move is what strummed a new tune in Ashley’s twitterpated heart strings. I know it did because my heart was like a little pit orchestra to our live action love story. My roommates would tell you I couldn’t stop talking about how great I thought Ashley was and how excited I was to get to know her.

So we went to choir later that night and I saw Ashley there again, I think she may have even gone to ward prayer (which she didn’t start to do until she realized she wanted to be everywhere that I was going to be…). At choir we laughed and we cried and we were kind of smiley at each other. When choir ended a few of us stayed afterward to practice a few quartet pieces and Ashley had to accompany us. Unfortunately I had to leave early and go Hometeaching, which meant we wouldn’t be able to talk to each other after that little ensemble of singing ended. I wonder how it would have played out if we had been able to talk to each other after choir that night. Either way, it would have worked out I’m sure.

But the point is, she had an itch and she needed relief. So while I was out home teaching I got a text message. I pulled out my phone and saw her name as the sender and my heart started pounding. Why? Because I thought she might say something like “Hey, I know you’re a great guy, but it just won’t work for such and such a reason…” I made it through the rest of the lesson and even the long walk back to my apartment. When I got home I pulled out my phone and looked at the text and what it said was much to my amazement...


You guys, I'm so mean. But when he writes the story in such a way to leave perfect cliffhangers, I can't resist! You should have seen how much courage I had to muster up to sit by him in Sunday School that day. I never do things like that. After thoroughly enjoying my time next to him, I wanted to see if he would make the next move. I had to see if he'd return the favor. So, even though he walked in to the linger longer at the same time I did, I purposely chose my own table with my roommates. My heart sank when he sat down somewhere else, but I wasn't about to get up and sit by him. I thought that was my answer, so I just turned to my roommates and tried not to feel too sad. I didn't have much time to be worried, though. I was shocked, yet again, to find him walking up to our table with his friends! It was an amazing moment. And that's when I knew there was something there. :)

I know I said part 3 was where I got bold... but part 4 is the real zinger. Stay tuned! 

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  1. I'm loving this, haha. I can totally picture all that was happening on your end Ashley! :) miss you!

  2. Hahaha I love this so much! Especially because I know what happened next!


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