Love Story, Part 8: The End... Or Is It?

by - 9/03/2014

Jim's final post with his thoughts on the temple and the wedding day. 
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I was so excited when I learned that most of my family would be able to attend our wedding. We haven’t all been together for a long time (seven siblings and four of which are married with kids living in all different places…). 

I had my roommates and my brother be groomsmen. I enjoyed having so many people I love to be with us on our special day. It will remain with me as a cherished memory for as long as I live. 

The day of the wedding was amazing. Being in the Salt Lake Temple by ourselves in the Celestial room was a new experience, kind of like waiting for a new chapter to begin. Being surrounded by family in the sealing room was significant as well. These people we are sealed to will be with us forever. And then, kneeling across the altar from my sweetheart, I knew that I was blessed more than I deserved. But fortunately, God lets imperfect people marry each other in his temple through his perfect priesthood and we are enabled to be something more together than we could ever be on our own. 

I know that God led me to Ashley and that I can bless her life in ways no one else may ever be able to. I also know that God led Ashley to me, and that she, with the wonderful children who will come to us, will be the greatest gift I will ever receive in this life. We’ve only been married for a short time, but I feel so dedicated to her and so close to her already.  It is amazing to think that these feelings will only grow and get better as we live how God wants us to live and we love each other everyday.


The wedding day was truly a wonderful day that I will never forget. I too echo Jim's thoughts in that having so many family and friends surrounding us and supporting us was one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. While my sister wasn't there physically, I can honestly say that we felt her presence as we were in the temple that day. And the blessings of a temple sealing are ones that cannot be surpassed. I could include so many details about the reception, the cake, the dress, the flowers, the CRAZY rain storm that happened right before our outdoor reception, but I'll save that for one more post. 

Here, I just want to close our love story by expressing my love for this wonderful man. I love him so much! I can pinpoint many different moments in my life where God was preparing me to be with him, and even moments where He led me directly to Jim. Jim is everything to me, and I thank my Heavenly Father every day that we chose each other. He lifts me when I am down, he makes me laugh, he teaches me everyday by example and through his incredible knowledge of the gospel. He is smart, hilarious, selfless, and the most wonderful man I could have ever dreamed of having. I am so grateful that he was willing to write this all down for me, and I will cherish it forever. 

For now, I suppose this is the end of our "love story"... but we like to think it's only the beginning. :)

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  1. So great. The last picture is just beautiful and perfect for you guys, too. Congrats again, Ashley. You certainly deserve it!


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