Happy Birthday, Husband!

by - 11/16/2014

Celebrating Jim's birthday this weekend was a blast. It started out with dinner at Brick Oven and some birthday clothes shopping on Friday, then Kneader's for breakfast and a temple trip on Saturday morning. This was followed by hours of playing his new birthday games. And then, to top it off, we had an awesome dinner at my parents' house that night, complete with a chocolate sheet cake - his favorite! Man, birthdays with husbands are fun. We set a budget for his birthday at the beginning of the month, but I couldn't help myself and went waaaaaaay overboard with the gifts. Oops. :)  I'm sure I won't always have that luxury, but it sure was fun to spoil this guy on his day.

Jim is such a goofball, and such a good person, too. I think the fact that he wanted to go to the temple on his birthday says a lot about his character. He's so genuine, fun-loving, kind, crazy, and just a riot to be with. He is always making me laugh or smile, and I'm glad I could make him smile on his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Jim!! I love you!

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