Well, Sheesh.

by - 3/11/2015

To say that the past few months haven't gone as we had planned would be a bit of an understatement. As far as finances go, we have been hit with some pretty tough things lately. It's basically been like this:

"Hey, your tooth is throbbing and killing you? Please pay $$$ for a root canal. 

And as if that wasn't expensive enough, GUESS WHAT? Your insurance has a waiting period on that, so, surprise! You need to pay $$$ more dollars. Now. 

Oh, and hey, someone's gonna hit your car, and it will take 6 weeks to get the insurance money for it. But, in the meantime, you'll need to pull $$$$ out of a hat to pay for all the expenses that come with a new car.

Also... lucky, lucky, you - your job for 6 months of last year didn't take taxes out, so you don't get a tax return, you get to PAY $$$$ in taxes!!! Hooray!

And finally, your other car has an oil leak, so please fork out another $$$ for that."

I mean, hello?!?! ARE WE MADE OF MONEY?


But really, through all of this, it's not hard to see that we've actually been blessed to be able to cover it all. While it has been an extremely unfortunate chain of events, we're finally coming out on the other side, hopefully.

First of all, praise the heavens for Dave Ramsey. Seriously, that $1000 emergency fund has been the biggest life saver there ever was. Even though it sucks to have to keep using it every time we fill it back up again, man - how nice it has been to have it! And how amazing it's been that the expenses have been spread out just enough that we've been able to scrape it all together.

Also, even though I am truly  devastated to have lost my car, due to it being the first car I ever bought, and the fact that it was my grandparents' car so it had sentimental value, PLUS it was so well taken care of - I mean, it was a 1998 Camry that only had 108K miles on it. COME ON. My Grandpa sold it to me for about $1500 less than what it was worth, so we were at least able to make some money off of this whole thing, with the insurance compensation. Granted, the excess will just go straight to other expenses, but at least we don't have to take out a loan to pay our taxes.


It also shouldn't go without saying that it was a huge blessing that I wasn't hurt in the accident! I was completely stopped and while it definitely shook me up a little, and my wrist hurt for about a week, there wasn't even a sprain. 

Jim and I are so blessed. These experiences have really drawn us closer together. Even though it may seem like a silly thing or a weird reason to cultivate a deeper bond, being able to work through stressful situations with a partner is so wonderful. Through all of this, we have learned some very important lessons, and we're gonna work on getting our 6 months of expenses in an emergency fund the second we pay off our debt, cause dude, if this happens again we want to be ready! 

But the most important lesson of all, is that I hope I NEVER have to talk to insurance people EVER AGAIN... cause that's kind of the worst.

Well, that's all the ramblings I've got in me for today. Looking forward to my dear cousin Annie's wedding next week, and then a trip to St. George for Easter! 

Maybe I'll even blog about those things!


Happy Wednesday. :)

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  1. Lady! You are killing it! It's just the best feeling when you are prepared for even the worst of circumstances, and you don't have to go into debt to make ends meet! You will never be sorry for being a follower of Dave, and I'm so happy to hear of your successes, even though they feel like failures because they were unexpected, or tough to handle. Keep going!

  2. Being a grown up can stink!!!

  3. Aldulthood... okay it's the worst. Bills? Forget it. I'm so happy you are in a place that you can cover everything without debt! That's a win :)


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