Mission Accomplished: Run a Half Marathon

by - 4/20/2015

And we call this face "I'm excited but also in a lot of pain and kind of want to cry right now"
The sun was in our eyes. But what fun!
Remember how I set some goals  for this year that I was really excited about? Well, on Saturday I did the big kahuna - the Half Marathon! It. Was. Awesome. I haven't done a race in a few years and I had forgotten how much fun they are!

Jim was ever so kind as to drop my dad, brother, and I off at the starting line which cut down on a lot of the stress of the morning. We got there in plenty of time, and even though we were FREEZING for the 20 minutes before we started, it was perfect weather for a race. Jared took off and ran by himself - on only 30 minutes of sleep, and he and PR'ed!!! crazy kid - and my dad and I ran it together.

The course was incredible (aside from a couple nasty hills, but nothing we couldn't handle ;) and we had so much fun! Unfortunately, I think I put too many miles on my shoes, so my left foot went numb for about 3 miles... what a weird sensation! And so, to compensate, I think I started running funny and really screwed up my knee in the process. I originally wanted to finish in under two hours, but that didn't happen. However, with a time of 2:09:48, I still PR'ed too! (I've only run one other Half, but still. Felt awesome).

Running a race is so much more fun than running by yourself. As much as I love getting up on a Saturday morning to run while I listen to good old HP on the iPod (yep, still do that!), running with thousands of other people, with fans cheering you on and waving cow bells on the sidelines, is SUCH an awesome experience! Probably one of my favorite parts of the race was about mile 11. A drum group was practicing in a park and you could hear it for about a mile, made me feel totally legit! Haha. SO AWESOME.

I'm honestly still on a high from the whole experience and can't wait to run another! Once my knee is better, of course. :)

Seriously... Try it. Even if it's just a 5K. You'll feel awesome, and it's so much fun!

Happy Monday!

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