Let's Go On A Hike!

by - 5/30/2015

For several months now, Jim and I have been itching to go on a hike. But, with all the rain that's been goin on over here lately, that's proved rather difficult... until Saturday! It was a B-E-A-UTIFUL day and we decided to find a place to hike nearby. We hiked what is called the Deuel Creek Trail in Centerville, and boy was it amazing! The rain has made everything so green and to say it was heavenly would be an understatement.

This world we live in is something incredible, and I'm so glad I get to be alive to experience such beauty! And this husband of mine, man. What a goof. He is hilarious and silly in the most wonderful way and we have so much fun together. He makes me laugh every day. 

Here are some fun pictures of our little adventure. 

At the trailhead!
The views were BREATHTAKING!!!
This guy though. I kinda like him.
This selfie was actually a complete accident... But I kinda like it. ;) HA
After we got past the first bit, there was a stretch that was just long, hot, and lacking much
to look at. But this beautiful water was just so worth it! We had the whole place
to ourselves and it felt like we were miles away from town. So nice. 

After taking several pictures of the water, Jim insisted I get him in on the action
And then one of me... I"m the master of closing my eyes in pictures. No flash necessary. 
Jim does this thing where he goes to take a picture, and then takes 50 bajillion in a row.  I'm not always prepared for this... but the results are usually rather humorous. 
"Get a picture of me crossing the bridge!" He says.
I tried just standing and smiling, but Jim says "you need to give me some actions!"
Umm... In my head I was pretending to fall. Looks rather convincing.... ha

More examples of that fast thumb on the shutter button. :)

I tell you, the panorama feature on that iPhone camera is saweeeeet. And this mountain view took my breath away. #nofilter
Ya done good, Centerville! (Click to see it larger, cause it's awesome!)

Another beautiful view at the end of the hike. Seriously, nature? I'm dead. 
After all was said and done, we were hot, tired, and dying for a snowcone. Hokulia, baby! 
Me: "Let's take a selfie with our snowcone!"
Jim: "No, I just want to eat it."
Classic Male. 
 Such a fun day! I love that we can experience the beauties of nature practically in our own backyard! And I love this guy. He is a blast.

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