Currently {Part 2}

by - 7/24/2015

Blogs are weird. I feel like nobody blogs anymore. I also feel like I never have anything to say. But the mood struck me today so here we are! 
Some random photos + some random thoughts. Woo hoo.
I love the pretty trees in Island Park.

And this picture is weird. But I just love my shoes mmk?
Firework! On the lake! Happiness!
Dat lake doh.
Family ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Snipped. Love.
We be crazy. Love these goofs.
It was just time for snocones.
Making: Homemade cosmic brownies. Via this recipe. AMAZING, but I would recommend using milk chocolate chips for the ganache. Cause semi-sweet is a little too... not sweet, if ya know what I mean. :)

Eating: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. ALL THE TIME. But only the mini ones. Cause those have the best chocolate-to-peanut butter ratio.

Drinking: Water. And trying real hard to quit the Dr. P... for the sake of my teeth.

Reading: Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Except I'm not totally sold on it so far. I just really want her to be Leslie Knope... and she's not. Though she's good in her own right.

Wanting: To go on a trip. San Fran, anyone?

Watching: Sabrina the Teenage Witch. On Hulu. I like to relive my childhood, and often.

Playing: The piano. And also Skip Bo.

Wasting: time. Time worrying about silly things. You could say I'm a worry wart.

Wishing: I could have paid vacation 24/7.

Enjoying: Summertime. Though it doesn't really feel like summer now that I'm just working all the time no matter the season.

Liking: Parachute, Olly Murs, and OneRepublic. All on repeat lately.

Excited: for the future. BUT ALSO SO SCARED. These two co-existing emotions are making for a fun little tornado inside my brain.

Loving: Jim. AWWWW SO CUTE I KNOW. But he really is the best.

Needing: 1 million dollars made out to Ashley Annette Neve and stat.

Smelling: My dry shampoo... that stuff is the bomb, I tell ya

Wearing: My black flowy top that makes me feel purty

Following: DIY blogs and wishing I could be crafty

Noticing: How very different humans are from one another.

Anticipating: Sister Lex's weddin! Gosh she's so pretty. And she found her perfect match!

Knowing: Siblings make the best friends

Thinking: It's time I get back in that running game. I've been a slacker

Opening: my mind to possibilities of change... or trying at least

Feeling: Hungry. For Mexican food. From the food truck down the street. Most delicious and legit burrito I've ever consumed.

Missing: My brother. He's not even gone to New Zealand yet but I already miss him like crazy!

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  1. i hate that the art of blogging is dead. your short hair is so good. k, but adult summers suck. i just want to bum at the pool all day and now i can't. where's my peter pan?


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