Mushy Thoughts || Sunday Afternoon

by - 9/27/2015

I'm that girl who's always given her whole heart to anyone who will take it... and even to some who won't. Be it dating endeavors of the past, or friendships past and present, I gave (and still give) my love freely and openly. In days of old, I occasionally found myself regretting giving away my heart so freely, because sometimes this has gotten me into trouble; my poor little heart as been broken many a time. And truthfully, anyone could tell you that's just a hard thing to go through, whatever the circumstance, no matter how many times you go through it. 


Today, and everyday, this just makes me even more grateful for what I have.

I have the most wonderful husband who gave his whole heart to me in exchange for mine. And we each hold the other's heart in the most sacred and special of places. Giving my heart away this time was so worth it! We love each other completely and fully, and it is the most wonderful thing to be a part of. Sometimes I find myself in awe of the fact that I FINALLY found a man who could love as much as I do... but man have I found him, and wow are we happy. 

Funny thing is, neither of us had the easiest of lives leading up to our union. We both went through struggles and heartaches before we found each other. But if either of us had gotten afraid at times of trouble, given up and locked our hearts away, we wouldn't be where we are today. How grateful I am that we weren't afraid to try one more time! And now, I can honestly say that my life is SO. MUCH. BETTER. with Jim in it. Our life together is far from perfect, but it is wonderful. It's hard work, it's dedication, it's telling each other every day that we love each other, even when we're annoying the heck out of the other. :)

And as mushy as it is, my heart is just so full and my soul just sings with joy over this wonderful man I have. 

Sometimes I find myself reflecting back on poor choices or silly mistakes, things I wish I could change here or there, embarrassing moments I wish could just be erased from my memory, and on and on. Even within the confines of my seemingly "perfectly blissful" life, there is still sadness, heartache, and struggle. It can be easy to get caught up in that, and wonder why you had to go through hard things, and why you will continue to do so. But then, in the midst of those discouraging thoughts, this little voice inside me says "all those things, those hard, difficult things, brought you here. You're stronger because of them. You're smarter because of them. And look at the wonderful life you have now." 

Truly, life is bliss. And it's not just because I'm married to this hunk of a dude. It's because I'm choosing that bliss every day. I'm a firm believer that you can find happiness wherever you are.

I know I don't have much to say on this blog anymore, but sometimes I just get that overwhelming urge to put down my thoughts... mushy or not! And really, I think they're always for me. :) I LOVE going back through this blog and reading my silly, rambly thoughts. So if you're reading, hi! Thanks for stopping by! Go find yourself some happiness wherever you are! And happy, happy Sunday. 

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