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Considering it's been more than 6 months since I've written here, and I'm a slacker at any sort of journaling, I figured I might as well do a 'lil update because...


The Facebook Announcement
 I am now 20 weeks along. Translation: Half Way There!
**Pssst. I wrote the majority of this post on 4/27 but didn't get around to publishing til today. I'm actually almost 21 weeks, but I'm too lazy to update the entire post. :)**

And we are so not ready, but also feeling really ready at the same time. How is that possible, you ask?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we're really excited to be parents and feel like now is the right time for us. BUT we're also scared out of our minds to be parents and have no idea how to take care of a little tiny human 24/7. Equal parts exciting and terrifying.

Whew! What a crazy mix of emotions. Add in dash of hormonal craziness and I'm just a big ball of fun all the time. :)

So... let's rewind a bit. I want to get this down for my own sake, considering I can hardly remember my own name these days. #preggobrain

Over the nearly two years of our marriage, I've had myself convinced several times that I was pregnant, when I definitely wasn't. I even told a dentist I was once, only to go back to said verrrrrry excited dentist for a return appointment and have to tell them it was all a false alarm. Embarrassing.

But over Christmas, I knew something was different. It was too early for me to take a pregnancy test yet, but something just told me this time was not like the others. I also had this strange metallic taste in my mouth (one of the earliest signs of pregnancy for some women) so I strongly suspected there was a little one bakin in the oven already. I kept this to myself, mostly because I'd had enough false alarms before that I didn't want to look silly yet again.

Fast forward to Sunday, January 3rd. Finally time to take the test. Result? Positive. I wanted to be shocked (seemed like an appropriate reaction) but mostly I was just relieved and happy that I was actually right this time! HA!

It was early in the morning and Jim was still in bed. I wracked my brain (for all of about 5 minutes) on some sort of cute way to tell him, but I was feeling much too anxious and didn't want to wait! So I shook him awake and just told him, and I guess saying it out loud was when the shock kind of set in, because we spent the rest of the day freaking out. Mostly in a good way, but what a thing to find out at the beginning of a new year! "Hello, happy new year, major changes comin' atcha!"

A close friend of mine had just had a baby in October, so that day I poked her brain for about 8 hours for any and all info on baby stuff, claiming "we were just talking about having a baby and wanted to know what to prepare for". And I'm sure she saw right through me. But that calmed my nerves for just long enough to keep the secret for a little bit.

I waited to tell my family for all of about two weeks before I just couldn't hold it in any longer. Plus, since I'm over there teaching piano two nights a week, they totally would've started to figure it out anyway. I knew my family didn't care about the cutesy announcement stuff, so I decided I would just tell them. So at an awkward Sunday dinner (only awkward for me since I spent like 3 hours being nudged by Jim and trying to decide how to say I was pregnant), I FINALLY just blurted it out at like 8:30. "Uhhh... So... I don't know to bring this up but I'm pregnant!" And then I hid my face. Cause for some reason I was embarrased? I'm a dork.

Of course they were thrilled, and my sister Breanna's reaction was best, or the most vocal at least. Although in the coming weeks my dad's excitement level proved to be the highest. He kept begging me to let him tell people, and even resorted to telling random strangers at the bank because it was just bursting out of him. Oh, my little dad.

I felt his pain though, because keeping the secret from everyone else was excruciating, ha! But I did it, mostly.

The first trimester was pretty brutal for me. And I didn't even throw up once. I know a lot of women have had it much worse and will roll their eyes at my saying it was hard since I never tossed my cookies, but trust me, I was in agony nightly for about 8 weeks. I was definitely blessed to have my "morning sickness" at night so I could get through my work day, but by the time 4:30 hit it was like a switch was flipped and I was a slug the rest of the evening. Jim made a lot of dinners, cleaned the house, and did a lot of laundry all by himself; what a champ.

Because of that sickness, it was very hard to keep it a secret when all I wanted was some sympathy. HA. So I resorted to texting my mom pretty much constantly, and what a trooper she was for just patiently listening and telling me it would be okay. :)

At 13 weeks I finally told the extended family and some close friends. I'd also told my boss, figuring he would start to wonder why I was suddenly going to the doctor every four weeks.

Then at about 15 weeks, I told the Facebook world. I felt extremely silly taking a picture of myself, but I wasn't about to do one of those announcements with the baby shoes, or the onesie in a tree, or the like. No offense to those who have done those. They are cute. Just not my style.

After about 16 weeks it's been pretty smooth sailing for this momma to be. I've started getting stretchmarks on my hips, and pasta inexplicably makes me sick which is the saddest thing ever, but I'm feeling SO MUCH BETTER. Exercise was a joke during the first trimester, but now I've even started back up a very mild pilates program because I hated that I wasn't moving my body. I've got myself a snoogle pillow which is the best invention ever, and in just the past two weeks I've started to feel baby kicks! Ahh! Sweetest thing ever even though it's also very strange, ha.

In just a week from today I go in to the doctor to hopefully find out the gender of this little babe. I used to feel pretty strongly that it was a girl, but now I just don't know anymore. I'm just so anxious to know for sure.

Blah blah blah, ramble ramble. But it feels good to get this all down to hopefully remember it all!

One final thought: my sweet sister-in-law is (well, was) pregnant and was due in June. But her little babe decided to come at 31 weeks! It was definitely a super scary turn of events but luckily all has turned out well and even though baby has to be in the NICU til her due date she is a rockstar and is doing awesome. But as we went to visit them in the hospital, it all started to become very really that WE will be doing this too! Hopefully not quite so early ;) but all the same it just really hit me finally that this is happening! It's finally feeling real!
And a 19 week pic for funzies.
We are so excited, and can't wait to meet our little one!

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  1. Aw you're so cute!! I'm so excited for you two! :) Hooray for cousins!


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