Currently {Part 3}

by - 2/15/2017

Hello there, little blog. Considering my journaling habits are abysmal, and I've HAD A BABY and have only written in my journal twice in the last year+... I need to step up my game. For some reason when I get like this I always find myself coming back to the ol' blog. So, for now, here's one of these "Currently" things because I think they're fun. And I'm considering making a goal to blog once a week. WE'LL SEE.

Making: Crockpot meals, every day.

Eating: ALL THE SOUP. My coworkers make fun of me because I bring soup in for lunch nearly every day. Also, Kodiak cakes. Yum.

>>>Since this is sort of an update on my life I will use this section to mention that yes, I am working part time. Two days a week. I truly think it has saved me from PPD... I think I was on the brink before I came back. My mom is an angel and watches Jack while I work, and my boss is fantastic and worked this schedule out with me. I never thought I would work after having kids, but it's the right thing for me and our family. I couldn't be happier!

Drinking: Water. Dr. Pepper (I missed that stuff hard core while I was pregnant).

Reading: SO MANY THINGS. Okay, actually, I can really only read one book at a time or I can't handle it. But my list of "to-reads" is about a mile long. Thank you for coming back into my life, Goodreads. Currently, I'm reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Like, the big kahuna. I'm on page 950 out of 1462. And it. is. awesome! It's so long, but never boring.

Wanting: to be back to my pre-preg weight... but also at the same time wanting all the chocolate. So it's a struggle.

Watching: New Girl. The Bachelor. Castle (new discovery - thanks sister Lex! Not on any streaming sites, but the local library has the DVDs. It's old school and we are lovin it). Psych (always). Gilmore Girls (always). Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (first season was a bit rough at first but it's slowly getting better). This Is Us (LOOOOVE).  Growing Pains (ha! This was a childhood favorite and I just found season 1 at Target for $10... wasn't hard to take that plunge). Fixer Upper.

Playing: Five Crowns with the fam. It's our fave!

Wasting: Money. On books. This is a problem. I literally have 30 books at my house that I haven't read. I have bought them over several years with the intention of reading them. :) But since I read 11 books in January, I think my prospects are lookin good. I just have a self-imposed ban on book-buying now...

Wishing: I could go to NYC. My parents and sister are going this weekend and I'm so jealous!

Enjoying: Being a mom. It kinda threw me for a loop there at first. But that little baby, he makes me so happy. Also enjoying said baby sleeping through the night the past two nights!

Liking: Athletic shoes. I want all the pairs! Seriously coveting these ones in all the colors.

Excited: FOR JARED TO COME HOME. He comes home in FIVE MONTHS! It went by so fast. I can't believe it. I can't wait for him to meet Baby Jack!

Loving: Working out. My dad's old work building has a gym in the basement and his former boss is kind enough to let him and us use it for free! We basically have a private gym. Except for the few times when the shirtless sweaty man is in there doing his ab exercises. Ew. (for the record... he just smells bad. But I'm sure he's perfectly nice).

Needing: A vacation. So badly. I think it'll have to wait til summer though.

Smelling: Baby smells. Some good... some not so good. Ha!

Wearing: The same things every week. I'm getting sick of the few things that fit me (nobody told me that I still wouldn't fit into my old clothes after giving birth... because #nursing!) but I don't want to buy anything new either. Bleh.

Following: Family blogs/instagrams.

Noticing: My hair falling out. And so many baby hairs. Ugh.

Anticipating: The weekend! I need some quality Jim time.

Knowing: I should chill out with my road rage. Lol.

Thinking: About finding a new hobby.... besides reading and watching TV.

Opening: Packages. I love online shopping far too much.

Feeling: Sick. Boo! Woke up with a nasty sore throat this morning. And also because of #nursing, I can't take cold meds. I'm afraid.

Missing: Playing the piano in primary. Favorite calling ever!

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  1. Yay blogging! I want to hear about some of the books you're reading and buying! What's your Goodreads account? I want to follow you :)


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