6 Months of Baby Jack

by - 3/09/2017

It is truly so crazy to see how much this baby boy has changed in the last 6 months! He's certainly gotten chunkier from his itty bitty 6 pound debut into the world. I'm about to say a whole slew of cliche things so brace yourselves: I wish I could just stop time! Looking back at how tiny he was, I already find myself wanting to turn back the clock. But at the same time, each new stage is even more fun than the last. Plus, his interactions, giggles, and curiosity about the world right now are such a joy. Being Jack's momma makes me so happy! And so, without further ado. Here's a little glimpse at his last 6 months! Love this boy.

First day of life
1 month
2 months
3 months

4 months

5 months
6 months!

And now for some stats about 6 month old Jack:
Weight: 14 lbs .4 oz
Height: 26.5"
Head: 17" 
Eating: Rice cereal, bananas, and apples so far! And still nursing. 
Loves: Rolling over, spitting, whining the second mom or dad stops giving him attention. :)
Hates: Being alone, and the carseat if he's awake
Sleep: Sleeping through the night! Woohoo! Usually about 10 hours. And we're still trying to figure out naps.

He smiles easily, is loving toys, grabbing anything within his reach, as well as scratching everything, which is hilarious unless it's your face or grandma's leather couch. :) He's also starting to scoot around, and pull things off of shelves! Here we go, folks!

Love this boy! Happy 6 months!! 

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