Bryce Canyon Trip

by - 4/27/2017

At the beginning of April, I was getting a bit of Cabin Fever. It's been a long winter (or just a very "flip-floppy" one, weather wise! It'll warm up and I get my hopes up, and then we see snow the next day. Pretty normal for Utah, but still). I was pretty cooped up in my house a lot of the time.

This is all to say, I was dying to get out of the house and my normal routine. So, when my mom mentioned that she and Grant were thinking of heading to Bryce Canyon for a couple of days, I jumped at the chance to join them. :) And I'm so glad I did! It was a blast.

I almost didn't go, due to Jack coming down with a cold the night before! He's now old enough to take ibuprofen, so I thought I'd try it seeing as it was pretty obvious he was in pain, and it lasts longer than Tylenol.

Turns out, he doesn't like it. Or so we learned the hard way!

This kid has a STRONG gag reflex and when I gave him the ibuprofen he proceeded to gag it right back up (that and all the food he had just eaten) ALL OVER ME. And then he was just as happy as can be after that. Ha. It was delightful.

I was hesitant after that incident but my kind mother still allowed to come with my sick child, which in hindsight was a bit stressful but actually turned out okay! Aside from one more barfing incident in the car (because like a fool I gave him ibuprofen again... sometimes I need to learn things the hard way, twice!) he actually was just fine. He slept perfectly in the hotel, and was really a happy camper overall. I'm so glad I went!

We definitely didn't escape the cold (it was freezing!) but my goodness was it beautiful, and absolutely worth it. My mom has always wanted to see the red rocks with the snow, and I can see why. I was just in awe of all the beauty, and it was wonderful for my soul to get out and see some of God's breathtaking creations.

So, without further ado, here are some pictures from the trip! Without a spec of editing, might I add! They just didn't need it.
This is the face of a baby who just threw up on his mother, again. Obviously he was quite proud of himself.
No more ibuprofen for this one!

Pretty sure this little arch is man-made, but it was really fun to drive through, regardless!
Sunset point. AMAZING! I actually skipped out on this since it was a bit too cold for Jack, but couldn't resist including this gorgeous picture!

On the hike to Calf Creek Falls! This is actually about an hour outside of Bryce, but we went here on day one because it was only like 18 degrees in Bryce Canyon! We'd actually done this hike before when I was kid, but it was absolutely worth it a second time! So pretty! And Jack just slept pretty much the whole way. :)

The waterfall at the end! AMAZING! I could've sat and gazed at it all day!

Good little hotel sleeper. :)

The next several pictures are from all the different lookout points! Amazing, and breathtaking. Pictures just don't do it justice, wow!

What a trooper, this kid.
Thanks mom and Grant for letting Jack and I mooch off your trip! We loved it!

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