A Straight Hairstyle for My Short Hair

by - 1/17/2018

101 in 1001 #34: Figure out a cute straight hairstyle for my short hair. Complete 10/5/2017

One of the greatest challenges I face with my hair (wow that sounds dramatic! haha) is how fine it is. I have a fair amount of hair, but especially when it's short and I wear it straight, it just hangs so limp and flat, basically static-clinging to the sides of my face. It's hard to explain... but trust me, it's not cute. It may seem counterintuitive to try to figure out how to do my hair straight, but my ways just weren't workin' for me.

That's why, when it's short, I have typically curled it almost every day, because that's the only way I can seem to get any body in it!

While I like having a routine, I wanted to be able to switch it up, and still feel cute. :) So I started to do some research, and I actually found out that the girl who cuts my hair has an instagram! She's basically a hair wizard, and I don't know why I hadn't thought to just ask her at my appointments, but actually watching her do it in a video was super handy.

I learned some pretty neat tricks. I don't know that it'll make a lot of sense written out, but the biggest thing I learned is how important good hair products are. Drugstore root lifters/hairsprays just did not hold my hair the way I wanted them to! So, I invested in some Aveda products and my hair has never been happier. :) If I could only pick one of the products I use, it would be the air control hairspray.  It ain't cheap, but it lasts me at least 3 months and nothing else I have tried even comes close. Teasing my hair and using this hairspray has changed my life. Haha.

I take absolutely no credit for this because I basically just copied my hairdresser. But I'm really happy with the way it looks, so much so that I wore it straight for family photos! I don't think that has ever happened in my life until now. Ha! But I really like the way it turned out! Now that I'm writing this out, I realize I probably should've done a before and after or something. But... maybe it's better that no one sees my static-cling flat head. :)

Woot woot. Another one on my list accomplished! A silly one perhaps, but a fun one too! Happy Wednesday!

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