Gettin' Back to It

by - 1/15/2018

Here's the part where I pull out all my excuses and disclaimers about why I haven't blogged for 3 months (WOW that time goes by fast).

Rather than ramble on for paragraphs and paragraphs (as I am prone to do), here's a bullet-point list:

  • Right after my last post, my dear friend borrowed my laptop for a few weeks since she needed a Mac-specific program for a project she was working on. Without my laptop, I don't really blog. It's just a fact.
  • By the time I got my laptop back, thus began a lot of craziness including a family wedding, The Holidays, etc.
  • Perhaps the silliest reason but still true nonetheless - I got fake nails. HA! And while I loved them and kept them for 8 weeks, typing with those things is no joke. And it annoyed me so much that I tried to avoid it as much as possible. :)
  • Christmas! Disneyland! We were basically gone for 2 weeks at the end of December and into the beginning of January. So no bloggin' time.
  • And, finally, the saddest reason: starting with the tail end of our California trip and continuing through today (although I think it's finally coming to an end): I'VE BEEN SO SICK. Ugh. Started with a cold, then the stomach flu, then the actual flu (aka influenza) and then a cold. The worst part about it was I'd feel better in between for like a day and then get knocked off my feet again. I've spent the better part of the first two weeks of 2018 in my bed. SO READY FOR THAT TO BE OVER.

And there you have it. Quite possibly my most legitimate (okay, except for the fingernails one :) ) list of excuses to date.

One thing I'm really proud of myself for though is the fact that even with my lack of documenting it, I still managed to complete several of the items on my list! So huzzah for that. Updates comin' atcha this week!

Included in that has been lots of reading, and I've been on a non-fiction kick for the last couple of weeks, with a lot of books that talk about writing - either as a main focus of the book or at least a chapter. Honestly, a lot of that commonality was just pure coincidence - I didn't seek out books on writing necessarily, it kind of just happened - but it got me thinking. All of these writers can agree on one thing - you only get better at writing (or doing anything really) by actually DOING IT. I look back at the old days of this blog and see just how much I wrote. About random stuff, about things I saw out my window, about the music I listened to that day, about a weird experience with a professor (most of my writing was in college) and whatever seemed to flit into my head. These days I stop myself from actually starting to write because I think "What do I have to write about? Obviously nothing" and that in and of itself stops me before I can even get going. I don't allow myself to find something to write about. 

Anyway, this is to say - I have a main goal for this year. On top of completing my 101 list (which I am still doing!!!) I am going to:


I think this is going to be perfect for me, because not only does it fit in with a lot of the items on my list already, but it's something I naturally feel a strong pull toward but still constantly talk myself out of.

I read so much and I often dream of writing a book (which I think a lot of people do!!) but in a smaller and more realistic sense I really just feel a need to exercise this part of my brain that has mostly lain dormant the past few years. So this year, I'm going to invest time in writing. Whether that be on my blog -- which will be a lot more full of Ashley presence this year -- or in a journal, or in a Google Doc only for my own eyes :), I'm going to write. 

Now, before you watch me make this commitment to the approx. 5 people who still read this blog (hi, Mom!) and then inevitably see it go down the toilet in 2 weeks, just bear with me and we'll see how it goes! You just might be surprised (and I might surprise myself, too). :)

One of my biggest roadblocks in being creative (in ANY sense) is that I want it to be perfect. And I let that perfection scare me out of even starting. So, rather than doing that, I'm going to force myself to write stuff (and publish here -- eek!!) that I don't deem as absolutely perfect. This is going to stretch my skills and get me outside of my comfort zone. And while everything won't be great, hopefully within the Ashley mish-mash there will be a post or a story or an idea every once in a while that really is good.

If nothing else, I seriously enjoy looking back at my posts from my more committed blogging days, so I do know that it will bring me joy. 

And I'm pretty excited about that.

So, cheers to 2018, to writing more, and to being creative! Here we go!

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  1. Yay!! I'm excited to read what you have to write! :D You can totally do this!


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