by - 1/24/2018

...is such a lonely word. 

Alright, so that just popped into my head after I wrote the title of this post. Good ol' Billy Joel. I don't know if I want that to be the theme of my post, but I'm just gonna be honest and say that I'm not too pleased right now. I keep starting (and can't finish) happy posts with cute pictures because I'm just grumpy. And I'm thinking it's time for a vent! So, without further ado...

Here's my first world problem, get out your tiny violins. :)

Social media has been kind of depressing the past few days. I don't know if everyone else has seen this as much as me, or if I just happen to be following all the people who are talking about it, but to put it in a nutshell - there's been this "movement". Which seems to have good intentions, but I think some people are taking it too far, or even in the complete wrong direction. This "movement" is all about unfollowing people who make you feel "less than", or that get you caught up in the comparison game. While I 100% support the idea of (where possible) cutting things out of your life that make you unhappy, it seems that many have decided that rather than just unfollowing people, they have to call those people out and tell them they're terrible human beings. Some have even gone so far as to comment on accounts deemed "the worst offenders" and tell them that they're the type of person the LDS prophets have warned against. UMMM??? Okay, what kind of message are you sending with that comment? That millions of people are seeing? 

I get really frustrated by this idea that seems to be everywhere lately - that if something or someone bugs you, you're entitled to be a brat to that person and tell them they're terrible. How does that seem like the right idea?!?! How does that make you the better person? It doesn't. Ugh. While I think the goal of this "movement" has been to make a positive shift, unfortunately it's quickly turned into this negative swirl of crazy. Like, why can't everyone just be nice? Negativity doesn't drive away negativity. It breeds it and turns it into insanity! People who post pretty things on social media are NOT EVIL. If it doesn't make you happy, then unfollow it. That's your prerogative! But if it doesn't make you happy, that DOES NOT mean you're allowed to tell them how horrible you think they are. 

Here's what I think: it's okay to like social media. It's also okay to hate and despise it. No one is forcing you to have it. It's also okay (and important!) to recognize that what people post is posed and nobody's life is perfect. But, if someone has a "perfect" feed that doesn't make them evil. It's NOT okay to publicly shame people, even those with "perfect" feeds. Believe it or not, those people are humans too. Can't we all just be positive? Can't we just quietly disagree about things without trying to tear everyone down who doesn't align with us?

I wish. I wish we could.

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