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by - 1/16/2018

101 in 1001 #31: Watch The West Wing. Complete 1/5/2018
(I actually completed several other items before this one, but this is on my mind so I'm going to write about it first. :) )

Ahh, The West Wing. This show originally aired when I was about 8 years old, and continued 'til I was 15. This definitely made me far too young to enjoy it in its original run, but I clearly remember my dad watching it all. the. time. And let me tell you, my dad isn't big into TV these days, but he bought all the DVDs for this series and has probably watched the entire thing at least 4-5 times. So, needless to say - it's his favorite. He's been trying to get me to watch it for a few years, but I kept thinking - "a political show? Nah. Not my style." 

Only once my sister watched it and made a case for its amazingness did I finally decide to check it out, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. Read on for more, with ZERO spoilers incase you're considering watching it yourself! :)


A fast-paced political drama, The West Wing includes everything from day-to-day craziness, shootings, kidnappings, war, close political races, heart attacks, national security threats, bombs, and even some laughs, weddings and romance! :) It has pretty much everything. I can't say that I'm extraordinarily interested in politics, but this was fascinating to me. While I know it was heavily dramatized, it was interesting to get a peek into what the people governing our country might be like. And if you've even watched 2 minutes of the show you'd agree that we'd take President Bartlett over our current president any day. HA! 

The show is a teeny bit slow right at the start, as it centers around the White House staff, and there's quite a lot of them, so it's hard to keep everyone straight. For probably the first half of season one I couldn't remember anyone's names or what their jobs were.  But even with that, the pacing was exciting, there was always something happening, and I was definitely intrigued. There are a few ups and downs throughout, but overall I pretty much loved every single minute. 

My sister, dad and I (and now my brother cause he's watching it too!) constantly talk about who our favorite characters are. I won't spoil anything, but I think my favorite by far is C.J. Cregg. She begins as the White House Press Secretary and has some pretty freakin' amazing character growth along the way. By the end of the show she just kicks butt, especially in a predominantly male environment, and I'm obsessed with her.  Close runners up for favorites are Josh Lyman (the Deputy Chief of Staff), who is pretty ridiculous about his job sometimes but lovable and relatable, as well as Donna Moss, Josh's assistant who also has some amazing character growth at the end too. I also looooooved Matt Santos, who comes into the show in the last two seasons. Again, no spoilers, but he's awesome. 

Honestly, though - all the characters are fantastic, the writing is spectacular, and it's definitely one I want to watch again. It's just so satisfying when I find a TV show I love this much. It's been quite a while since I've found a new (to me) show that I get so completely absorbed in like this. 

And now I'm going through withdrawals!!! Anyone got any recommendations? I'm convinced nothing else will ever be this good.

Happy Tuesday!!

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