A Photo Book of Our Wedding Day

by - 5/18/2018

101 in 1001 #1: Make a photo book of our wedding day. Complete February 2018

I've been wanting a printed book of all our wedding pictures for the longest time, but the idea of putting it all together felt like an extremely daunting task to me. Also, photo books can get expensive! Luckily, my mom is a scrapbooking pro (she's been doing it since before the computerized versions existed, and the books she created by hand look just as good as these new ones). After Jim and I got married, she actually put a book together for her to keep at her house, and those things save forever if you have a Shutterfly account. Then, she got a 50% off coupon in the mail and offered it to me, and I realized my job was pretty much done for me and I decided I had no more excuses!

This is all to say, I can't really take credit for the design of this book. Though I did make a few tweaks and changes to fit my style, I really just used what she had and went with it! I absolutely love it. It's like our whole life story up to our wedding. 

It starts out with our baby pictures, goes up through our dating (including the full text of our love story that first appeared here on the blog! :) ), and then ends off with the reception. It's super fun to have it all in one place. It definitely wasn't cheap, but with the coupon it was worth it and I'm so happy to have it.

I will say - this was my first foray into any sort of photo book and Shutterfly wasn't quite as user friendly as I would've liked, and the book was already pretty much complete when I started! The biggest issue came from formatting the text correctly, as I added in a few things that hadn't been there when my mom made the book. I don't think these books are designed for so much text. So even though I didn't have to do much work, it still took a couple of hours to get it all looking the way I wanted. Still, it was worth it and I love it!

Hooray for crossing things off the list!

Happy Friday.

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