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by - 5/21/2018

101 in 1001 #98: Go to HP World California Completed Dec 2017

This post is looooooong overdue, considering this happened almost 6 months ago! I'm also writing these list items all out of order, but oh well. Either way, it's being documented. 

Jim and I went to HP world in Florida for our honeymoon, and it was so fun! Of course I knew I wanted to go again, and when I heard they were putting one in CA I was over the moon - considering California is a lot easier for us to get to than Florida! My sister Lex and I pitched the idea to my mom of going on a family trip to Disneyland/Universal at Christmastime, since that was the time all the schedules would work out with those in school, etc. We honestly never thought she'd go for it, but she did and we had a blast! Us married kids paid for our flights, park tickets, food, and a portion of the rental cars ourselves, though my parents graciously paid for an Air BnB that we all stayed in, which was soooo nice of them! 

I wish I could say this trip was absolutely perfect, but.... dun dun dun... it wasn't. 

Why? Because half of us got the WORST case of the stomach flu. Including baby Jack. :'( Oh my it was just the saddest thing. I was also a victim, along with my dad, brother, and sister. We all got it at different times, but Jack got sick on Saturday while we were at Universal. And while I know the poor kid was miserable, he just wanted to be cuddled and held which wasn't too difficult to manage even with all the walking around we were doing! I got sick Saturday night, and since we were planning to just rest, hang out, go to the beach and chill on Sunday, I'll say my day of sickness was the perfect one because I was just able to sleep all day and not miss anything (IF I HAD TO PICK ONE, which of course I would've rather skipped the sickness altogether).

My poor sister Breanna got sick Sunday night into Monday morning, which was going to be our last day at Disneyland. She was sick all day long and didn't make it to the park with us. But, amazingly, my mom called the airline and they allowed her and my sister to change their flights to the following day. The Disney tickets were good for 2 weeks, and they were able to snag a hotel room and rental car for an extra day, all for the low low price of like $50 total!!! So they were able to go spend one last day in Disneyland together after the rest of us went home. Such a tender mercy for sure! I'm so glad it worked out for them.

I will say, having a sick kid on a vacation (or ever) is no picnic, but if I had to pick him being sick all over my house, or in an outside public place where someone else could clean it up, I'd pick the latter. Does that sound horrible? Ha. He was done being sick by the time we got back to the house after Universal, so it wasn't too terrible, besides just being sad for him! Anyway, enough of the barf talk. 

Let's remember some good times! 

  • The AirBnB we stayed at was sooooo nice. It wasn't ginormous, but had enough beds to fit all of us comfortably. And it was within walking distance of Disney which was perfect! Even though we got lost the first day, haha. 
  • Seeing the Christmas decorations at Disney was super fun! Though, I think we were all pretty tired of the Christmas music by the last day, since we went after Christmas. We were just Christmased out.
  • RIDER SWAP. The most amazing thing known to man when you have little kiddos. Also the Max Pass on the Disney app.  Made it so that, even with 1,000,000 people at Disneyland (exaggerating, but it felt like it though) we were able to ride everything we wanted multiple times!
  • The new Guardians of the Galaxy ride! I was mega skeptical of it not being Tower of Terror, but as soon as the ride started and they played Jackson 5 as we were shooting up and down, I was in love. :) 
  • HP World decorated for Christmas. Allllllll the heart eyes.
  • Also the castle ride - Harry's Forbidden Journey. SO SO FUN and just as good as Florida. (Even when I got temporarily stuck on it haha).
And now for a few more highlights in pictures (I really should've taken more, but I didn't).

He really was so good on this whole trip, sickness and all.

The kiddos really weren't quite sure what to think of Sully.

When they squished all 11 of us on the Winnie the Pooh ride. Can't see the babies, but they were there too. So funny.

Extra shoutout to this kid who was such a trooper, this was taken post-sickness and even though
he wasn't 100%, he was so good on this day!
California Screamin' is a FAVORITE! The four of us rode it probably 5 times in
a row on our last night.

And can't forget our best ride photo from the last night! It was a bit too chilly to do
Splash Mountain on this trip, but it just isn't a Disneyland trip without it so I convinced Jim
and Jare to ride it with me last thing before we went home. I got soaked, but then we just
went straight home so it was worth it!
Aww man. What a crazy whirlwind of a trip. I don't know if I'll ever go to Disneyland at Christmas time again, because I'm convinced that with it being flu season, and the sheer amount of people/germs are why we got sick. But also, because there were just SO many people that even though we got to ride everything without much waiting thanks to fast passes, maneuvering around the park with strollers was kind of a nightmare. Definitely worth it and so much fun, but in the future I'll keep my visits to less busy times!

In all, we had a great time and I'm glad that we were able to make the most of it even with the sickness. 

Happy, happy Monday!

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