Finishing Our Bedroom

by - 5/19/2018

101 in 1001 #72: Finish decorating our bedroom, including a new full-length mirror. Completed January 2018

I kind of got on a house decorating kick at the beginning of the year, but this one was especially important to me because the full-length mirror we had was the one I'd bought when I went to college. It was $5, wasn't attached to the wall, was coming apart, and also made you look skinnier. And hey, on some days you'd think that'd be nice, but it was really more of a fun-house effect, ha. I also knew we wanted to have one we could hang on the wall, since Jack's favorite pastime was pulling the other one over on himself. :/ So, off to IKEA we went! And we found a great one. Exhibit A: 
See also: Our lovely closet that doesn't have a door, but it DOES have a window in it (why??)  and our street
has really bright streetlights. So at night, it's like daytime. Hence, the curtain. 

The other thing I'd been wanting for forever was a headboard and some sort of storage ottoman for the end of our bed. We have a pretty bedspread set with LOTS of pillows but it just looked kind of blah up against the wall by itself, and I wanted more oomph! Back in September, Jim took a survey for work and was entered to win a $500 Amazon gift card. And lo and behold, he won!! He bought a few things for himself, we bought Jack a new carseat, and then we found this awesome headboard and ottoman! I think they were each under $100 so I was pleased. Especially because we didn't actually spend a penny. :) 

The final touches were the decorative mirror in the middle and the pictures over the nightstands. Without them, the walls were super boring and blah (even with the headboard, haha) and I just love the way it all turned out! Our room is kind of a weird shape, so we had to put the dressers in weird places (like partway in front of the window) but we've made it work. The other wall space in the room is pretty sparse, though we could still probably hang a few more pictures somewhere. But even if we don't, I feel satisfied and happy with the way this room looks!

Happy Saturday.

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  1. WHAT. Under $100 each?? That's amazing! And so is your room!! Will you come decorate my house? :D


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