Salt Lake City Half Marathon 2018

by - 5/22/2018

101 in 1001 #54: Run another half marathon || Completed April 2018

I've participated in many races in my life, the bulk of those being 5Ks when I was on the cross country team in high school. Those are some of my favorite memories from that time, as I NEVER thought of myself as someone who'd be part of any type of sport, but when I randomly decided to join I loved it more than I ever could've imagined. While I wasn't amazing by any stretch, I grew to absolutely love pushing myself, as well as the environment of races. There's a certain excitement that comes from running with hundreds of people, who've all worked hard to accomplish a goal! After I finished high school, I decided I wanted to up my distance. I did a couple of 10Ks, but my dad had done some marathons and I decided I wanted to push myself even harder! While I don't know if I'll ever do a full marathon, I think I've found my sweet spot with the half. 13.1 miles is just enough distance to require some definite work and diligence in training, but not too long where I'm losing my toenails and unable to walk for weeks after a race. :)

This year, I did the Salt Lake City half marathon for the second time and it was such a fun experience. The course is amazing, I had a great running buddy in my dad, and I didn't kill myself to get a certain time, I just wanted to finish. In my opinion, that's a feat in itself! It's also so fun to run through Salt Lake and see all these beautiful areas that I wouldn't normally see on my own. 

During all my training leading up to the race, I listened to a lot of books and podcasts. I love running by myself, as it gives me a lot of time to think, recharge, and just feel at one with nature. It may sound cheesy, but I seriously feel my soul filling up when I run outside. Especially when I'm in more trail-type places! There are some excellent ones in Farmington that I ran on multiple times that I fell in love with. But, even though I love training by myself, running the race with my dad was just perfect. We didn't bring anything to listen to, but instead had great conversation the whole time! Probably meant we weren't pushing ourselves as hard as we could have :), but it was so fun to just spend 2 hours uninterrupted with my old man. He has his own business and is also in the stake presidency now, and I also have a crazy child to chase around all the time, so it's not often that we can have a 2 hour conversation like that! It was probably my favorite part of the race. :)

I can't really write this out without giving a shoutout to Jim for being the BEST and letting me be gone every Saturday for 2-3 hours while I got my long runs in. I know parenting is a shared gig, but man he's just so good at helping with the kiddo and I'm so grateful that he never complains. I also know that Jack loves his daddy and I loved that they could have that extra time together. PLUS, they came to watch us finish the race! And even though Jack cried as soon as we ran past him, haha, it was so fun to have them there cheering us on at the end.

Lookin real cute post-race. Mom also came to cheer us on, AND she woke up early to drive us
to the starting line so we didn't have to take the bus. So nice!

I just love running and I don't think I'll ever stop! Even though my training ebbs and flows, I always come back to it because there's nothing like it. Here's to lots more races!!! And maaaaaaaybe a full marathon someday. :)

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