The Secret Item

by - 5/26/2018

101 in 1001 #78: Secret item!!! :) Details to come once it's complete! || Completed Feb 2018

I honestly debated long and hard about whether or not I wanted to put this out for the interwebs to know. Even though I know that basically nobody reads my blog anymore (which is kind of by design, I don't share it around like I used to), I just feel nervous about admitting this one for some reason. Still, I think (okay I KNOW) it's actually something I should be proud of, so I'm forcing myself to do it. So, to whomever still stops by this blog every now and then, here's a secret about me! 

I never quite got my bachelor's degree.

The reasons why are pretty complicated and I don't want to go into them here, but let's just say there were some road blocks that made it difficult right at the end. Jim got a job in Salt Lake so we moved away from Logan and then got married right before I finished, and it just wasn't happening right at that point. After all that wedding stuff settled down, I spent some time looking online to try to figure it out, but it was pretty confusing and I honestly thought it would never happen. I had pretty much just thrown in the towel and decided to be content with my associate's when my sister suggested that I really look into it and see what it would take. I was SO close - like, if I logged in to my student account it literally showed that I had my degree 99% complete. Still, because of some odd requirements of my major that were outside of traditional classes, I wasn't sure I would be able to complete that last 1%. But my sister convinced me to give it a shot.

So, last September, I called an advisor, because I couldn't figure it out alone. At first, based on what I had found online, I thought I was going to need another semester on campus to finish it out (which was another reason why I'd been putting this off for so long, because full-time work, my baby boy, and living an hour away from campus made that feel impossible). And while my head was spinning with trying to figure out the logistics of getting to Logan multiple times a week, the advisor noticed there was a different option. I NEVER would have figured this out on my own, so praise the heavens for this advisor! This option she explained to me only required that I write a couple of essays, and turn in some things I'd been holding on to (thank goodness I DID hold onto them, for 4 years! Ha) and that was it. THAT. WAS. IT! Literally SO easy, I'm kind of rolling my eyes at myself for not seriously looking into this sooner. All it took was that call to the advisor and I was done with all those things in a week. Then, all that was left was waiting for graduation to happen at the university, which was in December. And not too long after, my diploma was mailed to me.

Absolutely, 1000%, completely, totally worth it. Because now...

I'm a graduate! Cheesy picture and all.
I actually got this in the mail the very same day Jim found out he got into the University of Utah
for his MBA, so there was a lot of school-related celebrating at our house that night!

I had convinced myself for a long time that this didn't matter, that it was just a piece of paper, that I didn't need to get this recognition. But it kind of surprised me how much it meant to me to FINALLY hold this in my hands. It's a representation of SO many years of hard work, money, and time that I spent working toward a goal and I'm really proud of myself for finally finishing it out, 4 years late or not. I can do hard things, and here's the proof!

So, here's to accomplishing goals, because it's never too late. :)

(And also, here's to sisters who give you kicks in the pants to do something that seemed so impossibly hard but was actually really easy. Hooray!)

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  1. ConGRADulations!!! ;) :D I'm so glad you were able to figure that out! I'm sure it's nice to have that loose end all tied up in a pretty - framed - bow :)


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