The Utah Symphony

by - 5/29/2018

101 in 1001 #26: Go to at least 3 concerts/shows: a band I love, a classical music concert, and a broadway show (or, more realistically, something at Tuachan). || 1/3 Complete April 21, 2018: A Classical Music Concert

Even though I've played the piano my whole life, before college I had a hard time with classical music concerts. I've always had a short attention span, and was never really able to appreciate what was happening or why people loved it so much. And then, while in college, I kind of resented being forced to go to them all the time and didn't really allow myself to enjoy it.  So, when Jim's close friend and roommate from college invited us to go to the symphony with him on a double date, I was skeptical even though it was on my list; I just wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it. 

And here's the only picture we took. Blogging fail.

Luckily, since being out of college, it seems that I have learned to appreciate classical music more than I used to. This is probably due to it not being so constantly in my face anymore, so I can choose to like it. I also think I tend to enjoy it more when it includes a pianist, because I can at least  somewhat comprehend and appreciate the work it takes to play at such a high level. So, when I found out who the guest artist was at this concert, and what she was playing, I figured I'd enjoy it. :) Romanian pianist Alexandra Dariescu came to play the (one and only) Grieg piano concerto. You may not think you've heard it, but trust me -- you have. Click here and just listen to the first 10 seconds and you'll know. 

Ms. Dariescu's portion of the event was only the concerto (I say "only" because I wanted to hear more from her, but that concerto is no small number!). The concerto was sandwiched between two rather lengthy symphony-only numbers, which were just fine but didn't captivate me, really. But the concerto? Oh my goodness, she was AMAZING! I wish I had a photo or video of her playing (although it wasn't allowed), because I can only describe it as breathtaking. Not only was her actual musicality incredible, but her stage presence blew me away! I realize this probably makes me sound like a big ol' nerd, but what can I say? It was just flawless. A lot of times when pianists get really into music, they kind of thrash their bodies around and it's... not very cute. But her movements along with the music were so graceful and beautiful. I just really loved watching her. 

It was a fun night! I don't know if I'll become a frequent visitor to the symphony anytime soon, but I really did enjoy this and it rekindled in me a desire to play the piano more often, which I've been neglecting. This is also something Jim and I probably wouldn't have chosen ourselves, so it was fun to get outside our box and do something different.

Happy Tuesday! 

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