A Beautiful Hike

by - 6/01/2018

101 in 1001 #36: Go on a hike. || Completed May 26, 2018

Living in beautiful Utah, we are near a lot of mountains and some truly amazing hikes! I don't take advantage of this nearly as often as I should, so I added this to my list and I'm so glad I did! I really should've set a loftier goal for myself, like 3 hikes at least! We'll have to do some more, because this one was perfect and so fun to do with Jack.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I actually got slammed with some pretty bad allergies and the morning we went on this hike I wasn't feeling too fantastic. I probably would've chosen to stay in bed, but Jim woke me up and said "what if we go on a hike? I've researched a good one and I think we should go before it gets too hot". And since all the research was done and I didn't even have to think about it, I couldn't say no. :)

I'm so glad we did this! This was off highway 89 in Layton, so less than 15 minutes from our house. There's a much more strenuous hike that takes you 4 miles up the mountain, but Jim read about a lower hike that was half the time and distance, and we figured that would be better and easier with Jack. It seriously was perfect. We haven't quite hit the season in Utah where everything turns brown, so all the views were just green as can be! And the waterfall was so pretty! Even though the water was FREEZING, Jack loved it, and it was fun to wade through it and just enjoy the beauties of nature.

After we got home, I made this little video of our hike. I used the One Second Everyday App, which doesn't let me remove the date stamp. But I still think the video turned out really great! I'm pleased, especially because these clips are all live photos, so I just snapped pictures as we went and didn't need to be constantly taking video. I just enjoyed the hike and then had this fun keepsake after. 

Hooray for crossing items off! Happy Friday.

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