A Meditation Convert

by - 6/04/2018

101 in 1001 #63. Meditate every morning for 2 weeks. || Complete May 2018

I've been on a habits kick for the past month or so, and one thing I've been wanting to incorporate into my daily routine is meditation. I've had it recommended to me from a few different sources, and I've done some reading about it and felt like I could benefit from it. I had no idea where to start, but a friend of mine suggested either the Headspace app, or the Calm app which each offer guided sessions to help you get started. I decided to try Headspace, because it had a full 10 days worth without a subscription, and I have loved it. I have since purchased a subscription because I've loved it that much! The guy who guides you through the sessions is Australian (or maybe from New Zealand), so his accent is delightful. But mostly, it's really easy to follow and you can start out with as little as 3 minutes! I'm now up to 10 minutes every morning, which is starting to feel short!
They give you this handy little picture you can share each day. Kind of fun. :)
My original goal was to do this for 2 weeks in row, but I have since surpassed that by a full week and I don't intend to quit anytime soon.

I'm loving this daily habit for so many reasons. First of all, the guided sessions are really helpful. I NEVER could have done this on my own to start with. One of the reasons I was so skeptical of meditation is I was convinced I would never be able to focus my mind for really any amount of time. But I'm learning that I was wrong! I'm also learning that meditation is like an exercise for your brain. It's not about thinking about nothing for 10 minutes. It's about being aware when your mind wanders, and "gently bringing your focus back to your breath" (that's a phrase used each session). I LOVE that, because my mind jumps around all over the place, but this is helping me recognize that, and I really do feel like my mind is getting stronger! I'm able to focus for longer during these sessions, and I really love the calm and just general awareness I feel once I'm done.

The biggest reason I wanted to start meditating is I have... really strong emotions. To put it lightly. Ha! And sometimes it's hard for me to reel those in. But since I've started meditating, I have honestly noticed the biggest difference in my ability to handle those strong emotions when they come! As I've learned in meditating, it's not about getting rid of those emotions, it's about recognizing when they come and being mindful of how you respond. I mean, just the other day, Jack spit some bright red food on to the carpet and normally I would've gotten super mad, but it was like I watched my anger float up and then pass. I didn't yell or anything! Honestly, that's a big step for me.

I'm almost done with a third set of "basics" sessions, and then I'm looking forward to diving into the guided sessions on the app that are for particular focuses, such as Stress, Anger, etc. They also just released some guided run sessions that I'm really excited to try! I think this will continue to be a habit for me forever.

I honestly used to think that meditation was for yoga hippies who sat in the middle of a park and could close their eyes and just focus on their breath. :) And maybe someday I'll get there (haha) but for now I'm just loving doing it in the quiet of my own room each morning. It really has made the biggest difference in my life.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I have been getting so inspired reading all your posts! It makes me want to try everything you're doing AND do my list too. Your writing and desire to try new things/better yourself is so great!!

    1. Emily,
      Thank you!!!!!!!!! Thank you for inspiring me to do a list! I'm having so much fun, and it's been really fun to document it too. :) LET'S GET TOGETHER ASAP!


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