Currently {The Jack Edition}

by - 6/05/2018

Jackson Wesley Neve at 21 months...

Making: Ginormous messes wherever he goes

Eating: Fruit Loops, pouches (the only way he'll eat a variety of fruits), chocolate, bananas, mac and cheese, toast, goldfish, pancakes, fruit snacks, yogurt

Drinking: Milk, water, and sometimes sneaking lemonade from Mom.

Reading: Alllllll the books alllllll the time. Favorite is Red Truck.

Wanting: To go outside!

Watching: Not a lot. Instagram stories with Mom, and all the songs on The Greatest Showman. Sometimes Curious George.

Playing: With every item he can access in the kitchen. Favorites include all the baby spoons, and the whisks and spatulas.

Wasting: Toilet paper. Loves to rush into the bathroom and unroll it and rip it up to the point of being unusable

Saying: Uh oh, up, shoes, socks, woohoo!, No!, bottle, binky (bee pee!), thank you (say syou), hello, bye bye, mamma, dadda, please (peeeee), good job (goo sah!), stinky, and lots more I can't think of right now. Oh, and a constant stream of gibberish.

Liking: Pulling his pants down. Dad taught him that trick. It's... the best.

Excited: When Mom or Dad come home after being gone, or even when they just walk in the room after a brief absence.

Enjoying: Playing with cousin Leah.

Loving: to sing! It's the cutest thing in the history of the universe. Current favorite is Sunbeam.

Needing: A binky to sleep. And needing all the binkies he can see. Which means they usually get hidden.

Wearing: 2T clothes! But as always, they must have drawstrings or they fall off his skinny little body. :)

Following: Uncle Grant and Grandpa everywhere

Noticing: Trucks and cars outside! He spent a good 5 minutes watching the garbage truck today.

Knowing: What Mom and Dad are talking about far too often. We're already spelling things.

Opening: The baby locks on our cupboards. Currently ordering new ones.


I thought it would be fun to do a little Jack edition of this, because he's just full of personality and I want to remember him at this stage. Even though he's definitely a punk a lot of the time, and sometimes I count down the minutes until naptime, I also miss him when he's asleep just like  every other cliche parent ever. :) He's my little buddy. He wants to be by my side constantly which is both fun and interesting (like bathroom trips), and he's just the cutest little thing in the whole entire world. I love how much he wants to be involved in everything, and how much he lights up when I walk in a room. Love this kid more than words!

Happy Tuesday.

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